Writing With Gel Pens

Writing With Gel Pens

Gel pens are based on gravity! The ink used in these pens is very viscous and more opaque as compared with ball point pens, and so it is more clearly visible. They can be used for inscription and illustration works.

They were first introduced by the Sakura Color Products Corporation, Osaka, Japan in the year 1984. The general design of them is very much similar to that of ball pens in many ways like the main body, ink reservoir and the cap. The shape of the pens may vary in their grips, their color, and their print. The point size (nib size) of them varies in ranges of 0.25 mm – 1.5 mm.

The gel usually consists of water and some other biopolymers like polyacrylate thickeners. While the stains/pigments used in dye usually consists of copper pthalocyanine & oxides of iron. They are available in a wide range of colors.

The basic benefits associated with the gel pens are –

• They create bolder shadings. That’s why they are mostly preferred by many graphic designers as they produce bolder colors and dark lines.
• Unlike the ball point pens they don’t get smeared that easily.
• The free flow of the ink in gel pens make it more smooth to use.
• The color of the gel on paper looks much better than that of the ball point pens.

There are some disadvantages also like – As the ink flows more freely, so the frequency of the replacement of the ink reservoir is much faster. Sometimes the ink may go dry so for this the companies suggests, rubbing the tip of pen in small circles until the ink starts flowing and the pen starts working smoothly. The other problem associated is that they do not work well on greasy papers. So it is advised to close the cap of gel pens whenever you finish writing.

The bright and sparkling inks used are generally amplified with the aluminum sparkles for making it much flashier.

It has been quite correctly said that for the “for specialists of calligraphy, nothing can beat a fountain pen.” Now however, these cheap pens have eroded the market share of fountain pens.

A normal gel pen will cost you somewhere around . You can also get many ball point pens for that cost. But, still, if you are writing something which needs better presentation or if you want a pen which can write smoothly, then don’t think about a little dollar difference in price, go to your nearest store and grab one for yourself. You will certainly find the difference on using this best range of gel pens.

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