Why was this guy asking me to use my pen…15 times?

Question by Madelaine: Why was this guy asking me to use my pen…15 times?
I was at work today, and there was a guy I had never seen before. He looked decent but I focussed on getting my work done – until he started to continuously ask me to borrow my pen, 15 times within 4 hours! I don’t know why he decided to bug me, there were other people around. It got to the point where I said “Hey, know what? Keep it.” he said “What? Nah. I feel bad. It’s yours. Here.” I took it back, 5 minutes later, he walks over to my desk, “pen?” I gave it to him and he insisted he didn’t want it.

My friend walked by and the two of them started speaking secretly. I don’t know what it was about but I clocked out and my friend was trying to invite me to a party he was going to. With the same guy who kept bothering me for a pen! I was on my way out and than the guy came after me and said “Hey. Here’s your pen.” what the f? Lol what is his problem? Honestly. I’ve had a guy before use the “hey can I borrow your pen/highlighter” trick before just to get my number.

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Answer by ❤T
I think you already know why, you just want us to confirm it for you. Either he obsessively likes you or was simply looking for a way to interact you/he is interested in you.

LOL this is a total troll question -COUGH-

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