Why don’t liberals appreciate Western Culture?

Question by majordun: Why don’t liberals appreciate Western Culture?
Encyclopedia Britannica’s partial listing of gifts to mankind, compliments of Judao Christian Western Culture:

Teflon, telegraph, wireless telephone, cell phone, TV, thermometer, thermostat, threshing machine, pneumatic tire, toaster, tractors, transistor, vaccination, vacuum cleaner, typewriter, ultrasound imaging, Velcro, VCR, washing machine, X-ray, Airbags, automobile, airplane, blimps, animation, motion-picture, telephone, telephone answering machine, aspirin, assembly line, Astroturf, audiotape, ATM, Bakelite, periodic table, ball bearing, telephone, bandage, bar code barbed wire, barometer, battery, bicycle, bifocal lens, blow-dryer, atomic bomb, Braille, bra, electronic calculator, camcorder, cans, carbon 14 dating, cardboard, cash register, mail-order catalog, Cellophane, celluloid, chronometer, cloning, DVD, oral contraceptives, cotton gin, coupons, crayons, dairy processing, credit cards, defibrillator, DDT, , dentures, metal detector, smoke alarm, artificial diamonds, disposable diapers, dishwasher, revolving door, dry cleaning, dynamite, elastic fabric, EEG, email, electrocardiogram, elevator, internal combustion engine, jet engine, rockets, steam engine, escalator, eyeglasses, fax, fiber optics, fiberglass, photos, flashlight, Thermos bottle, food processor, freeze dried foods, Fresnel lens, fuel cell, genetic engineering, Geiger counter, safety glass, electric guitar, wire hanger, helicopter, holography, syringe, IVF, insulin, integrated circuit, internet, iron, food irradiation, Kevlar, Laser, lawn mower, light bulb, LED, linoleum, LCD, locomotive, lock and key, loudspeaker, MRI, margarine, matches, metric system, microphone, electron microscope, microwave oven, glass mirror, guided missile, outboard motor, mobile home, Morse code, electric motor, motorcycle, neon lighting, nuclear reactor, nylon, pacemaker, paper clip, particle accelerator, pasteurization ballpoint pen, pencil, photocopy, pocket watch, polyethylene, Polygraph, PVC, printing press, radar, radio, rayon, electric razor, crop reaper, refrigerator, remote control, revolver, Richter scale, rifle, vulcanized rubber, saccharin, satellite, scotch tape, scuba gear, silicone, skyscrapers, stapler, stainless steel, stereo sound, stethoscope, stock ticker, electric stove, gas stove, submarine, sunglasses, sunscreen, CD, decaffeinated coffee, DVD, CD, CAT scan, personal computer, laptop, reinforced concrete, condom, contact lense, supermarket, music synthesizer, synthetic skin, tampons, tanks, tea bags.

A very large percentage of these items were invented by Jews, which will really irritate the anti-Semites.

And of course we invented concepts like democracy and equal rights.

(Now watch the liberals say things like: “Yeah, and they also invented colonialism and world war and slavery and the atom bomb and etc.)
Total patents, worldwide: 3.8 million.

-US: 2.1 million

-Socialists: USSR, 4000, total; China, 9,000; Cuba and all the rest? Probably none.

Socialism is a religion. And a failure.
Meg, because you don’t oppose socialists, Marxist or extremist Muslims who promote intolerance and tyranny.

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Answer by Gee Wally
Who said we don’t? The Fox Lie Network perhaps?

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