What Is A Teeth Whitening Pen

What Is A Teeth Whitening Pen

To start with, teeth whitening is becoming a more and more popular procedure and accordingly there is a large number of manufacturers, trying to meet the demands of the market by developing new whitening methods. One innovative and revolutionary teeth whitening product is the teeth whitening pen – combining affordable price, simplicity, and effectiveness. It is so easy to whiten your teeth in the 21C using this wonderful teeth whitening product and it has never been easier, in fact!

A teeth whitening pen consists of two main components – whitening gel and a plastic gel container – the pen body. The plastic part is formed into the shape of a pen and it is not only the storing component of the product – it also serves as gel dispenser and most pens have a rotating part at the bottom, which enables you to strictly control the dosage and not exceed the recommended amount. In most cases, there is even a protective cap which prevents whitening gel from spilling out, especially when you are carrying it in your pocket or in your handbag – thus there is no possibility of messing up your clothes.

Teeth whitening gel is also a very important part of a whitening pen as it contains the whitening substance, destroying the food stains underneath your enamel on your denting layer. Carbomide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is that whitening substance – it plays the most important role as an ingredient of every whitening gel – after having been applied to enamel, hydrogen peroxide is absorbed by the enamel and it reaches the dentin layer where food stains are destroyed. The effectiveness of the whitening process is influenced by eating habits, frequency of toothbrushing, also depending on how deep the food stains are.

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