What are some simple and sexy eyeliner &/or make up tips?

Question by calliedom: What are some simple and sexy eyeliner &/or make up tips?
I’m 17 and know very little about make up. I’ve only been wearing eyeliner for 2 years now and I’m slowly getting into the whole make-up process. I want ideas for just hanging out with friends and then going out at night. I really love the smokey and dark shadows but i also love the casual bronze looks. And if anyone has any tips for applying eyeliner to the top of the eye would be great too. I have an eyeliner stick but i occasionally use my moms liquid eyeliner.

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Answer by jenmk1976
It doesn’t matter much on your eye color which shades of eye shadow you choose, although some colors will “bring out your eyes” more.

My rule of thumb is to match the eye color with the outfit.

There are three categories of colors:

COOL colors: (That have BLUE undertones) like blues, greens, pinks, purples. When you wear a COOL color, choose a COOL eye shadow accent.
Remember it like this: COOL-BLUE WATER.

WARM colors: (That have YELLOW undertones) like yellow, gold, red, orange. When you wear a WARM color, choose a WARM eye shadow accent.
Remember it like this: WARM LIKE THE SUN.

NEUTRAL colors: like black, white, gray, even tan.
Go with ANY OTHER eye shadow THAN the colors that have COOL or WARM undertones. (Like brown (which can also go well with warm colors) and silver, beige, or charcoal.

Application for eyes:
A “highlighter” color, like a shimmery white or very light tan, goes just under your brow, near the outer edge only.

Then apply a “base” color all over the remaining eye area, including the eye lid up to the inner brow. (Don’t cover your highlight color!)

Then your “accent” color is your shade that matches your cool, warm or neutral outfit. Apply the accent color in the outer crease of the eye, just the outer half of the crease.

Use a blending brush (like a small blush brush) to blend the darker accent shade. This will eliminate any “harsh lines” in the shadow.

You can go to www.marykay.com to see some application tips for eye colors. Click on WHAT’S NEW, then TIP & TRENDS, then APPLICATION TIPS, then EYE APPLICATION TIPS. It will show you exactly how to apply color on your eyes.

Don’t forget the eye liner and mascara too! Remember to put the eye liner UNDER the lash line, not on the ledge of the eye!! Putting the eyeliner on the ledge is unhealthy for your eye and also makes you get those ugly “eye boogers”. For a more dramatic look, apply the eye liner above the top lashes too. Just follow the lash line and get the eyeliner as close to the lashes as possible. Eyeliner application takes practice to perfect, so don’t be discouraged if you have trouble with the first application.

Add a lip color & gloss, and a touch of blush on between the temple and the “apple” of the cheek and your ready to go!

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