Wedding Stationery: Say “I Do” to Detail!

Wedding Stationery: Say “I Do” to Detail!

Throughout a wedding day, wedding stationery can be used in a variety of ways. From save the date announcements, wedding invitations, wedding announcements, bridal shower invitations, programs and menus, wedding stationary is an important element. Wedding stationary can be bought or hand made. A theme can run throughout the stationary, from floral or hearts to colors or designs.

When save the date announcements are sent out, postcards can be used. A variety of different sizes and varieties can be chosen to fit the theme of the wedding. Wedding postcards can also be used as wedding reply postcard, RSVP card, response postcards, or direction cards.

What better way to organize a wedding than wedding place cards. The cards are decorated with guests’ names and out on the tables. Place cards also make it easy for guests to quickly find their seats.

Wedding programs and bulletins are a part of wedding stationary. The wedding program consists of the guests’ names who are attending the wedding, itinerary, and others details the guests can look forward to during the ceremony. Wedding note cards are great to use as direction or response cards. Note cards can also be used to write thank you notes for each guest.

Wedding thank you cards are sent out after the weeding to show appreciation for the wedding gifts. Unique messages can be printed in the card and pictures can be printed on the front of the card.

Wedding stationary ties a wedding together using color and design. No matter what theme the bride and groom choose, the stationary complements and balances all aspects of the wedding.

Depending on the season the wedding take place in, wedding stationary can differ drastically. Fall weddings can use orange, red, and browns as a color scheme. Fall leaves and pumpkins can create a magical wedding. Winter weddings tie in holiday colors such as red green and white. A snowy landscape can make a cozy, romantic wedding. Spring and summer wedding are full of color, flowers and heat! Flowers and bright colors form beautiful scenery and background. Floral stationary create vibrant and fun details.

There are numerous amounts of wedding websites and stores where stationary for weddings can be found. With the volume of places to find stationary, most get lost in the shuffle. Websites provide endless possibilities regarding wedding stationary. Today, many brides choose to produce their own stationary with printing stores or even their personal printers.

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