Use Stationery for These Festive Occasions

Use Stationery for These Festive Occasions

Stationery is popular with many people for use in writing personal letters and notes, and it has found a purpose and use in the business sector as well. The types of stationery used for personal letter writing and business letter writing are different from one another because their purposes also vary from each other. However, whether you are writing notes for business or personal reasons, here are the top occasions for using high quality, personalized stationery over blank paper or generic greeting cards.

To write announcements and thank you messages for wedding, birthday and other gifts is certainly at the top of the list for occasions when stationery is used. Other special events such as high school or college graduation announcements and notes of thanks for gifts are included as festive occasions for using stationery.

Many people use personalized stationery to send messages of sympathy and comfort to relatives, friends, and people in their work circles who are experiencing the grief of losing a loved one. Stationery with religious sayings or a serene background works well for communicating your care and concern for others during such sad times. A special note of thanks or in remembrance of a loved one, are more noticeable when they are on stationery.

Another occasion for using stationery is inviting guests to a party or special event that you are having. Personalized stationery is a wonderful way to express to your invited guests how important their attendance is to you, and can build a greater excitement for them about the upcoming event. Christmas and other holiday greetings and newsletters presented on stationery can give those greetings some added “oomph”.

Sending “we’ve moved” announcements on paper stationery is a great way to notify friends and loved ones when you move or buy a new home. Most people are sure to read it, as no one gets much real mail other than bills and advertisements. And if you use brightly colored or fun stationery, they are likely to keep your announcement prominently displayed in the kitchen or family computer/homework station. No one likes to throw away attractive cards or hand-written letters on stationery!

But if you have not moved recently, you can still use personalized stationery just to keep in touch, even with people you email on a regular basis. Such a gesture tells the recipient that you were thinking about them in a special way, and making an effort to spark that extra personal connection.

An engaging method for introducing yourself to neighbors, to invite everyone over for a block party, or to encourage “community” among all of the members of your neighborhood is by distributing notes, invitations and community events on personal stationery. The safety in neighborhoods increases when the people living there know their neighbors well and communicate with them often. Sending your neighbors kind letters on friendly stationery can open up the lines of communication and help everyone to be safer, and to enjoy living in the neighborhood more.

Use stationery as a backdrop for cherished photographs placed in keepsake books, in frames, or on the fridge. Stationery is available in a rainbow of colors, shading, and dimensional designing. Using stationery as a platform for displaying your most loved photographs of family, friends, and events is a wonderful way to make them more special. Placing photos on stationery can also protect those photographs from damage that can occur with direct contact with the glue used in most photo albums for holding pictures in place.

Business offers many occasions to use personalized stationery, including all of the above adapted to your professional relationships (a coworker gets married, or has a child). Strictly business occasions include cover letters, making inquiries about job openings, memos, announcements, proposal letters, and customer relations. These are just a few of the uses for stationery in business. The power of a handwritten note or letter should not be underestimated in enhancing your business relationships. You may take the time to say thank you for lunch, to introduce yourself to a new contact, or to follow up on a previous contact. Personalized stationery gives you an added edge simply because most people do not go out of their way to use it.

The opportunity to turn an ordinary letter into an extraordinary letter is the top on our list of occasions for using stationery. The occasion does not have to be festive to use stationery. This is a winning proposition for both you and everyone you that receives the letters you write. Writing letters on stationery is more fun than writing letters on blank pages. Test it out for yourself. Write a letter on plain paper and the same words on decorated paper stationery. You likely noticed that your mood improved while writing on the decorated stationery paper. This is because your visual sense was stimulated. Chances are the letter’s recipient will get a kick out of it too!

Rachel Jackson is a freelance writer who writes about etiquette and writing, often focusing on specific materials used in writing such as stationery.

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