Travel Pens

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Travel Pens

Image by retro traveler
When I saw these Bic pens in a supermarket in 1995, I immediately bought five packs of them. Somehow I knew that they would become my writing utensil of choice if I was ever to live my dream of traveling the world. I was a sucker for old maps and this was the first pen I had seen that actually had maps on them. (I believe the series was called "The New World")

Six years later, I opened the packaging and brought a couple of them on a 14-country journey through Europe, the first of many backpacking journeys to come.

I’ve never seen these pens since that day in the supermarket, so I have to find other Bics of the same size to refill them. Unfortunately, throughout the years of travel, I have lost quite a few. I have only three left.

I have used the pens in my web design quite a few times. Here’s an example.

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