Top Tips When Looking For Promotional Writing Gifts

Top Tips When Looking For Promotional Writing Gifts

Though a promotional gift pen is a very tiny item, it has 30 percent of the promotional and incentive market. Most people think choosing a pen is a simple task, but with so many manufacturers/writing modes/importers/colours as well as styles, this task can be a bit of a mine field.

Given below are some important rules that you should remember while choosing a perfect pen for yourself as well as the intended recipient of your message.

While looking for a pen, think about your target- whether you want to gift the pen to your chief executive, marketer, customer or a shop floor. There are 4 different writing styles of pens which include fountain pen, gel pen, ball pen as well as roller pen. You need to decide which type of pen you want to avail only after keeping your recipient in mind.

Utility factor is another factor that needs to be considered. ‘What is your pen going to be used for’ is one question that you must ask yourself. Will your pen be used as a sales incentive, low cost advertising tool, corporate gift, an award or for some other purpose?

Deciding the purpose of your pen will surely help in defining the budget and pen style.

Selecting your marketing option is also a matter of concern. What kind of message are you trying to get across? Is it an advertising message, corporate message or an incentive message?

With the help of various virtual tools available in the market you can easily see real life images of how your message, brand as well as corporate image will appear on a pen. You must use the marking as well as design options very creatively in order to make sure that your pen is the one that is utilised by your targeted audience on a regular basis.

It is important for you to make sure that your pen delivers the correct message about your business. For that, you must opt for a top quality pen that will add weight to your message. If you think you will have to burst budgets for finding the top quality pens, you might be thinking too much.

This is because there are various global brands out in the market from all price points.

Right Supplier
It is important for you to choose the correct supplier or manufacturer while looking for a pen. Make sure that your supplier has the correct certification in place that includes environmental management systems, quality control management systems, health and safety policies etc.

Colour, too is an important thing that needs to be looked upon. First of all, you need to make up your mind whether you are looking for a pen that matches with your own corporate designs or are you looking to provide your customers and business associates with something different and unique?

There are plethoras of low cost mix and match options out in the market and you can also mould to colour match on large volumes.

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