Top Five Stationery Styles

Top Five Stationery Styles


Stationery is back in fashion, and it’s more stylish than ever. Correspondence cards are on the rise. Not just among the highfalutin upper crust, but also among young and rising executives. Note cards, monogrammed stationery, wedding stationery and invitations of all kinds are making a big comeback in the world of business and social activity. Calling cards and “Mom cards” are even picking up steam as growing trends that take their lead from business cards, which of course, were patterned on the calling cards of the 19th century.


Choosing a stationery style that represents your own personal style is easier than ever. Long gone are the days when the only acceptable personal stationery was a monogrammed letterhead, and the only imprint allowed was your full name. Today’s stationery styles are varied, and the new rules permit colors and embellishments that would have been seen as affectations just a few short years ago.


Traditional stationery is still popular, as evidenced by the popularity of the Elegant Embossed Monogrammed stationery set. Fine white or ecru paper without a touch of color is a classically elegant style, and the embossed monogram is another nod to tradition and elegance. The stationery set is understated and classy and comes with stationery sheets for writing letters, note cards for short notes and correspondence cards for jotting quick personal notes to friends and associates.


Another traditional classic piece of stationery that never goes out of style is the Classic Vellum Typewriter Stationery. Heavyweight vellum in white, ecru and pale blue has always set the standard for style in business and personal correspondence. Center printed with your personalization. This is generally your full name, address and contact details. This is the Classic Vellum Typewriter style is ideal for cover letters to go along with resumes query letters, and formal correspondence of any kind. If you’re looking for a gift for a young person about to graduate from college, this style of stationery is an unbeatable, useful gift that few college grads would consider buying for themselves.


Lined envelopes are among the hottest fashion trends in stationery. This will offer a way to personalize your stationery to suit your personality without affecting the elegance and simplicity of the pages or cards. One of the most popular styles of personalized stationery for more casual use is the Secret Garden Sheets, Cards and Envelopes. It exemplifies an understated style and casual elegance with a simple, single-line personalization in script across the top of each page. The pages and cards are bordered with a slim line of teal, one of today’s most fashion-forward colors, and the envelopes are lined with a delightful floral print pattern.


Green is in, and that goes for stationery as much as it does for other types of products. Eco-friendly products are becoming more and more popular. One of the top five stationery styles this year is the Eco Chic Cards, a line of note cards made of 100% recycled paper and printed with soy ink. The line comes in two colors, Desert Storm and Willow Green, and can be printed in black soy based ink with your choice of script or block letters. It’s an ecology conscious style that does more than look the part; it really is eco-friendly. It’s an excellent choice for quick correspondence for those who are concerned about our impact on the environment.


Many of the most popular styles are appropriate for women. Stationery is notoriously feminine, unless it’s meant for business use. The Classic Stripe Gift Set is an exception to that rule. Correspondence cards are a modern alternative to letter sheets and fussy note cards. The Classic Stripe Gift Set includes 50 heavyweight correspondence cards in ivory, accented with thick borders in bold colors like espresso, navy and wine. The optional Classic Stripes lined envelopes make a strong, masculine style statement that few other stationery sets can equal. It’s an ideal choice for a business executive for casual notes to colleagues and friends, as well as his or her professional letters to clients and colleagues alike.


Other modern trends in personalized stationery are also making a splash. Desk sets are always in style, especially those that have a personal flair. One popular stationery gift for the busy executive is the DYO (Design Your Own) Memo Pad and Holder. The gift set includes two small memo pads, two medium memo pads and one large memo pad in a sleek engraved acrylic memo holder. It’s the type of desk set that looks stylish on any desk, and keeps personalized sheets of memo paper close at hand for use in any situation.


If you are looking for stationery as a gift or for your own personal use, check out these top trendy styles that are both classy and elegant. They will be sure to suit your style well.

Suzanne Bradley is a freelance writer who writes about personal organization and goal setting, often discussing a specific aspect of organization such as stationery.

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