Third-Generation Ball-Point Pen To Write A New Record Of Ceramic Beads

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Third-Generation Ball-Point Pen To Write A New Record Of Ceramic Beads

    Skid, break, out beads is a common problem the family ball-point pen. Tsinghua University professor of ceramic materials with smooth round pens Handan Material Co., Ltd. After four years of research, the recent successful development of zirconia ceramic material beads, a ball-point pen to overcome a common problem, relying on a strong anti-corrosion, wear resistance and a ball-point pen Family the pride of the third generation.


    In 1944, the United States invented the first generation of Parker’s pen – oil-based pen, so that writing has become more simplistic tools, applicable, use of lower cost. This invention makes the human writing tool has undergone tremendous changes, in a relatively short period of time has won the market acceptance and popularity, and gradually replace the pens and other writing instruments.

However, due to ball-point pen ball beads used in stainless steel material, corrosion resistance, wear resistance not meet writing requirements, writing quality has been unsatisfactory, often slipping, broken, lost beads and other issues. With the increased market demand, the 20th century, early 80s, using tungsten carbide beads of the second-generation ball-point pen – water-based ball-point pen (Roller Pen), neutral ball-point pen emerge. This tungsten carbide materials, greatly enhanced the quality of the writing ball-point pen, but in resistance to writing, writing hand and so on are still unsatisfactory, which greatly restricted the development of ball-point pen. Such as lead brass writing skill gel pen to write a length less than 300 meters, and often out beads, broken, etc., stainless steel, in written form can only write 1,200 meters.


    Ball-point pen ball beads to improve corrosion resistance, wear resistance, ceramic materials, Tsinghua University professor and the Handan City, smooth round pens Material Co., Ltd. together with the technical staff, after four years of research, and finally successfully developed using zirconia ceramic ball beads, beads improved corrosion resistance, wear resistance.

In August 2007, the product successfully passed the Hebei Province Science and Technology Agency and the China Writing Instrument Association jointly organized a new product identification. Identified that: zirconia ceramic beads corrosion resistance, wear resistance is superior to tungsten carbide beads, is the best ball-point pen ball beads materials, greatly increased the quality of ball-point pen; zirconia beads evenly with ink, write the length of is a tungsten carbide ball beads 2-3 times, writing feel comfortable, reducing write fatigue. At this point, third-generation ball-point pen was finally brought out into splendor.

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