The History Of Pens

The History Of Pens

Having a little trouble sleeping? How about picking up the complete history of pens to help you along to sleep? Actually, that’s not exactly fair. The history of pens is surprisingly interesting. And to be more specific the history of the ballpoint pen is especially interesting.

It all starts out with the famous Cross pen. Cross invented the first stylographic fountain pen, which is the daddy of the ballpoint pen. This invention made the ballpoint pen possible, since no one had come up with an idea quite so innovative up until that point.

The history of pens tells us that the actual true inventor of the ballpoint pen, as we know it today can be credited to Laszlo Jozsef Biro who was from Budapest. His version of the ballpoint pen contained a pressurized ink cartridge. Biro was a journalist and noticed the quick drying capability of the ink used in newspapers. He thought that if that same ink could be used in a pen then the problem of smudged letters would be solved. It was apparently a big problem in those days. In 1938 the ballpoint pen was born.

It wasn’t until 1943 that Biro got a patent for his remarkable pen. In Argentina he became the leading producer of ballpoint pens in that country. The Brits got wind of it and bought the patent. It was found to be particularly useful for pilots because the pressure of high altitudes did not affect the pen. Biro pens were then produced for the Royal Air Force.

The ballpoint pen and the history of pens in general continued to evolve and change through the next decades until now. Today you can find pens in a virtually limitless amount of designs and colors. There are handcrafted ballpoint pens, ones made from fine exotic woods, or even pens made from antlers. The history of pens is one that is long and very diverse. Never has such a small item given the world so much. Try to imagine life without ballpoint pens. Imagine sitting down with an old-fashioned fountain pen and writing up your grocery list.

Ballpoint pens may not be the most technically advanced instrument, but it is an instrument that we could probably not live without. How many times have you had to search for a pen? How many packages of ballpoint pens do you go through in a year?

They disappear for a reason; people steal them because they need them.

Give a quick look at the history of pens the next time you need something to read. You might be surprised at the interesting facts you will find.

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