The Good Night

The Good Night

Penélope Cruz, Martin Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Danny DeVito co-star in this wry look at an obsessed man who will do anything to make his passion-filled dream life a reality. Gary Sheller (Freeman) is caught in a midlife crisis: dead-end job, depressing life and a deteriorating relationship with his girlfriend Dora (Paltrow). That is, until he meets Anna (Cruz), the girl of his dreams. Able to see her only while asleep, Gary seeks out an expert on lucid dreaming techniques (DeVito) who agrees to help Gary carry on the most satisfying relationship of his life. But as Gary continues to shun reality, his waking life troubles only worsen in this illuminating dark comedy.A somewhat poignant and sexy dramedy about the power of dreams as both an escape and a path to wisdom, The Good Night stars Martin Freeman (The Office) as Gary, a former pop star-turned-underachieving composer. Scoring commercials produced by his one-time bandmate, Paul (Simon Pegg), and stuck in a dead-end relationship with the prickly Dora (Gwyneth Paltrow), Gary escapes into his dreams, where an exotic beauty (Penelope Cruz) awaits him. Seeking advice on how to guide his dream life toward ever-more thrilling and satisfying experiences, Gary meets the eccentric Mel (Danny DeVito), who teaches a class on the subject but leads a marginal existence of his own. Just when things start getting particularly interesting in Gary’s subconscious, he discovers his dream girl exists in the real world as a highly-paid model, whom Paul then casts in a commercial so Gary can meet her. Written and directed by Jake Paltrow, The Good Night is a provocative story about where and how people choose to feel most alive: fulfilling their potential in a world of real possibilities, or living for their unrealized fantasies of what could be. A double-twist ending deepens the complexity of the theme in dark and unexpected ways, and ensures that The Good Night is not a movie easily forgotten after a viewing. –Tom Keogh

Rating: (out of 10 reviews)

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