The Elegance Of Sheaffer Pens

The Elegance Of Sheaffer Pens

Are you considering the purchase of Sheaffer Pens? If that’s so than this article was created for you.

We’ll particularly target the three most exclusive products in the Sheaffer selection, The Crest, The Snorkel, and their specialised ink offerings. After studying this short article, you ought to be better prepared to make a purchasing decision regarding Sheaffer pens.

The Sheaffer Pens: Bottled Ink

The Sheaffer Pens company widened their product collection considerably with the addition of bottled inks nearly a century ago. This product was somewhat revolutionary at the time because this brand new ink was manufactured to stream far more smoothly and uniformly, while blending together far more completely with other ink products. The theory behind the concept of producing ink is comparable to that of razor blades. Those who have studied marketing within the last half a century has heard about the way the Gillette Company gave away their razors in order to sell razor blades. The same concept is applicable here. Shaefer produced huge revenue by providing a disposable product that everyone required.

The Sheaffer Pens: Crest

By the late 1930s, the pen industry was about to evolve. Especially in 1938, Shaeffer created the Crest, which had been another innovative product for its time in that it was the initial pen having a plastic body and a fitted metallic cap. Just as before, the Shaeffer pens company had a innovative, as well as extremely profitable, product on its hands.

The Sheaffer Pens: Snorkel

Probably the most recognizable product of the Shaeffer pens product series could be the Snorkel. This particular style offers a considerably larger Band in addition to its body which has a perfect balance within a uniform appearance. This is in direct contrast to pens of the period including the Sheaffer statesman, which frequently had mis-matched dimensions. A snorkel could generally include a twenty two carat gold trim that could make an impression on even the most snooty of your friends and relatives.


It is not an exaggeration to state that the Sheaffer pens corporation has been a stylish selection for more than eighty years. Discriminating consumers were lining up to obtain Sheaffers way back in the 1930’s because of its status symbol qualities. And even in the current times, these kinds of gorgeous pens can make a fantastic statement whether they’re recommended as a gift or displayed by a business person as he closes a deal. In either circumstance, Sheaffer pens product line could possibly be the ideal addition.

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