Q&A: How do I unclog a needlepoint roller pen?

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by s.yume

Question by robinbanks: How do I unclog a needlepoint roller pen?
I have this great pen that I love. It’s a Pilot Precise V5 RT needlepoint roller pen with blue liquid ink. It’s not writing properly anymore and I think it must be clogged. How would I unclog this type of pen? It’s disposable and retractable.

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Answer by juanne
try scribbling on a metal knife….this has worked for me, as long as the ink hasn’t dried out.

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How to unclog a fine-tip pen?

Question by italo frank: How to unclog a fine-tip pen?
I like to use the ultra-fine metal-point pens, such as the ONYX-tip brand, but the metal tips clog easily especially when writing over dried white-out correction fluid or other dirty surfaces. I have had to set aside a doen of them after only minimal use in the last year. I have saved all of them, hoping to be able to unclog them some day. They are otherwise really great pens.

Does anybody know a good way to unclog them? Thanx!

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Answer by Ted P
Try holding the tip of the pen near a lighted match or lighter for just a few seconds to melt the foreign matter and any dried ink from the ball. Heat the tip then try using the pen again to see if the clog has been cleared.

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