Women Who Love Books Too Much: Bibliophiles, Bluestockings, and Prolific Pens from the Algonquin Hotel to the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Reviews

Women Who Love Books Too Much: Bibliophiles, Bluestockings, and Prolific Pens from the Algonquin Hotel to the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Move over wild women and women who do too much: With this irreverent tribute, author Brenda Knight casts a lovingly arch eye at the women who have devoted their lives to books. From Sylvia Beach and other booksellers to librarians, editors, writers, bibliophiles, and celebrated book clubs, Knight takes readers on a ribald ride through the pages of history. Chapter titles include “Prolific Pens” (such as Joyce Carol Oates, author of over 100 books); “Mystics, Memoirists and Madwomen”; “Salons and Neosalons”; “Ink in Their Veins” (literary dynasties); and the titillating “Banned, Blacklisted, and Arrested.”

Rating: (out of 7 reviews)

List Price: $ 16.95

Price: $ 1.99

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How much can I get for my Nintendo DS Lite?

Question by iloveacting333: How much can I get for my Nintendo DS Lite?
Its Metallic Rose. Its in almost perfect condition as I didn’t use it much. Original packaging, with charger and extra “pen”. Also I have a Mario Cart DS game that is barely used. I was wondering how much these two items would go for at GameStop? Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Aubree
GameStop isnt good bout prices so i suggest somewhere else. At gamestop ud get maybe 120 while at other places like ebay youd get bout 160ish

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How much is a used Montblanc Black Resin and Platinum Ballpoint pen worth?

Question by Valerie: How much is a used Montblanc Black Resin and Platinum Ballpoint pen worth?
It is in great condition, but I dont have the warranty or the box. How much can I sell it for and where?

Best answer:

Answer by cactusgene
There are dozens of varieties of this pen. But my educated guess is that it would bring -100. The biggest market place and your best chance to get full value for these type of items is eBay. Here is a link to it:


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What is the best kind of pen to use for inking my drawings, where can I get them, and how much does it cost?

Question by The Teenage Guru: What is the best kind of pen to use for inking my drawings, where can I get them, and how much does it cost?
I love to draw anime and chibi, and i notice that most anime has tiny lines, and I want to know what kind of pen that it. Can you help me out?

Best answer:

Answer by AFSHAN L
you can use any kind of fine liner ink pen – usually black
there are stripy pens (fine liners)
fountain pens (used for caligraphy)
ink ball point pens (though these just smudge)
they shouldn’t cost very much, possible 50p per pen for a good quality one

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How much is a pen and rabbit cage?

Question by Cindy Pham: How much is a pen and rabbit cage?
the pen is about this size

a cage like this

without the rollers
and i’ll be getting these at pet depot
how much was yours? and if you don’t have ONE of these how much do you estimate??

Best answer:

Answer by lynne r
My cage like that was £40-you could check some pet supply websites for an idea of prices near you. A pen like that would be a couple of hundred easily-I made my own with pressure treated wood and wire mesh for about £40.

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How much is all my school supplies going to cost?

Question by Smooth Lime Blue: How much is all my school supplies going to cost?
Ok I need to know how much:

5 spiral notebooks with pockets
5 pack of college ruled paper
mini mechanical pencils
at least 3 pens
post its
little erasers and grips
tape and tape holder
marker/bulletin board
markers for board and thumbtacs
calculator(cheap cuz i wont be using it much)
dividers with pockets

Is going to cost at my local WalMart just a estimate

Best answer:

Answer by jessi53197
Maybe 20.00

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Marcel Falize (Percussion, Zither type but much larger, Xylophone, Jingle Bells, Chimes, Symbols, Flirt KING) 8 Dec 2007; Phoenix, ARIZONA

A few nice writing instruments images I found:

Marcel Falize (Percussion, Zither type but much larger, Xylophone, Jingle Bells, Chimes, Symbols, Flirt KING) 8 Dec 2007; Phoenix, ARIZONA
writing instruments
Image by ~BC~
watermarked with picmarkr.com

Up to this point in time, this is the very best photo I’ve ever taken of any JSO member

Marcel was leading the JSO in BOLERO I can almost hear Marcel just looking at this photo.

Notice, that Marcel’s hands are blurred, a perfect photo.

In early January 2008, I cropped out the background & had a Photo Postage made. Then I, along with others, wrote letters to Marcel & put his postage stamp on the envelope.

Thank you, Marcel, for you music, your talent, & your personality that adds so much to each concert.

Look above this photo & click on All Sizes Then click "Original to see this fill your computer monitor with an image of Marcel

MUSICOGRAPHY Here is a list of all the DVD’s & Marcel appears in; I have much more to add; this is a work-in.progress

I lost my heart in Heidelberg
#8 Circus Renz – Frank (Carillon) & Marcel (xylophone) duel it out to see who can play their instrument the fastest. Both play fast enough to cause their musical instruments to go up in smoke

Live in Sydney 2009

Live In Maastricht 3
#31 Brasil – Drums & Cymbals

Live in Australia
#18 Bolero – solo, just like in the photo

Live in Maastricht 2

Live in Dresden aka Semperoper aka Dancing Through the Skies aka Ich tanze mit dir in den Himmel hinein aka Wedding at the Opera

Wonderland aka Eftling

Live in Vienna

André Rieu on his way to New York


New York Memories aka Live in New York aka Live At Radio City Music Hall
#9 Yackety Sax – Briefly featured on Xylophone

#13 Feast of Fire aka Feuerfest – helps Roland tune his anvil by giving him an "A" on the Chimes
#21 Blue Danube – Drums, briefly featured

Songs From My Heart aka Live in Maastricht
#5 Heut’ ist der schönste Tag – Xylophone

Christmas Around the World

New Years Eve in Vienna aka Silvester in Wien
#16 Zirkus Renz – Xylophone solo & plays it so fast it goes up in smoke at the end

Love Songs

New Years Eve Punsch aka Silvester Punsch
#15 Zircus Renz – solo on Xylophone, finished at such a fast tempo that he left the Xylophone, smoking

Flying Dutchman
Part 2 of Concert #5 Volare – solo, Xylophone, along with his 3 sons, Glenn, Dean, & Colin

Christmas with André Rieu aka Mein Weihnachtstraum
#2 From heaven high I come to you – Chimes

Romantic Paradise in Cortona, Italy
Same sound track, different Album covers/photos
Live in Dublin
#1 Dark Eyes – Xylophone, 4 drum sticks, 2 in each hand

100 Years of Strauss
#3 Perpetuum Mobile – Xylophone, briefly featured
#5 Der Zigeunerbaron Oh habet acht – solo , on a zither type instrument much larger; kind of like the xylophone but with strings. Played with padded drum sticks. Not seen Marcel play this instrument before or since


Gala Concert
#1 Dark Eyes – Xylophone, briefly featured
#13 Strauss & Co,- Clapping cheerleader

Waltzertraum (PAL only)
#1 Schwarze Augen – Xylophone (Brief Spotlight)

Royal Albert Hall
#5 Tea For Two – Rang chimes
#6 Skaters Waltz – Jingle Bells shaker
#17 Stars & Stripes – Briefly featured on Xylophone

Romantic Moments

La vie est belle
#13 Bolero solo along with Glenn, in front of the orchestra

If you see any errors or ommissions, or simply want to comment about anything, please email me: southpawbc-flickr@yahoo.com

Here is a grrrreat website where everything known & rumored about Andre & the JSO is discussed on the blog. Please add your comments to the topics that interest you:
Now click on the guestbook/Blog in the upper right hand corner

Bad Money, by Kevin Phillips
writing instruments
Image by elycefeliz

“I’ve given this book the title ‘Bad Money’, and part of the explanation is caught up in what I think of the malfeasance of ‘money’, including lax oversight of the financial sector by Washington past and present.

. . . ‘Bad Money” is not intended to evoke nineteenth century robber barons, twentieth-century salad oil swindlers, or twenty-first century Enron architects. For now, that is too parochial. . . . Money is ‘bad’, in the historical sense, when a leading world economic power . . . lets itself luxuriate in finance at the expense of harvesting, manufacturing or transporting things.

, , , ‘Bad’ in the systemic sense further applies to letting a financial elite elevate, expand and entrench itself as a county’s GNP- and profits-dominating sector, as has been done in the United States over the last quarter century.

. . . It’s also ‘bad’ to promote an overbearing financialization of American’s economy and culture, lesser versions of which in both U.S. and world history have led to extremes of income and wealth polarization, a culture of money worship, and over philosophic embrace of speculation and wide-open markets.”

Published: April 21, 2008
The author of 13 previous books including at least one classic, “The Emerging Republican Majority,” Mr. Phillips sees a perfect economic storm coming. . . . Mr. Phillips begins with an overview of the current debt debacle. The 1980s were the start of “three profligate decades,” when the expansion of mortgage credit and the invention of financial instruments like collateralized debt obligations (C.D.O.’s) led to an orgy of leveraging and irresponsible speculation. The Federal Reserve kept the bubble afloat with easy money, while regulators and ratings agencies looked the other way.

By 2007 total indebtedness was three times the size of the gross domestic product, a ratio that surpassed the record set in the years of the Great Depression. From 2001 to 2007 alone, domestic financial debt grew to .5 trillion from .5 trillion, and home mortgage debt ballooned to almost trillion from .9 trillion, an increase of 102 percent. A crisis in the mortgage market in August 2007 brought the party to an end. Since then we have been living in a twilight zone of what a security analyst quoted in the book calls “one of the slowest-moving train wrecks we’ve seen.”

The second component of the perfect storm is the upheaval in the oil industry.

. . . Finally, Mr. Phillips turns to what he terms America’s “calcified” political system. We may need new regulations to deal with the debt mess, along with an energy policy to address the changing world of oil, but Washington, he says, has become dedicated to “the politics of evasion,” reluctant to pass dramatic reforms or to call for sacrifice from the public. Democrats and Republicans alike are so entrenched, so dependent on campaign money and special interests, that “the notion of a breath of fresh air has become almost a contradiction in terms.” Instead of a “vital center” in Washington, we now have a “venal center.” Mr. Phillips holds out little hope of improvement from a new president; he doubts that any administration could do much, even though “the crisis is no longer in the future, but upon us.”

Is such pessimism justified?

Kevin Phillips (born November 30, 1940) is an American writer and commentator, largely on politics, economics, and history. Formerly a Republican Party strategist, Phillips has become disaffected with his former party over the last two decades, and is now one of its harshest critics. He is a regular contributor to the Los Angeles Times and National Public Radio, and is a political analyst on PBS’ NOW with Bill Moyers.

The New York Times wrote: He identifies three broad and related trends — none of them new to the Bush years but all of them, he believes, exacerbated by this administration’s policies — that together threaten the future of the United States and the world. One is the role of oil in defining and, as Phillips sees it, distorting American foreign and domestic policy. The second is the ominous intrusion of radical Christianity into politics and government. And the third is the astonishing levels of debt — current and prospective — that both the government and the American people have been heedlessly accumulating. If there is a single, if implicit, theme running through the three linked essays that form this book, it is the failure of leaders to look beyond their own and the country’s immediate ambitions and desires so as to plan prudently for a darkening future.

Bill Moyers sits down with former Nixon White House strategist and political and economic critic Kevin Phillips, whose latest book BAD MONEY: RECKLESS FINANCE, FAILED POLITICS, AND THE GLOBAL CRISIS OF AMERICAN CAPITALISM explores the role that the crumbling financial sector played in the now-fragile American economy.

Transcript of Bill Moyers interview: www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/09192008/transcript2.html
BILL MOYERS: If you read only one book on the route to this financial meltdown, I recommend this one: BAD MONEY: RECKLESS FINANCE, FAILED POLITICS, AND THE GLOBAL CRISIS OF AMERICAN CAPITALISM. The author, Kevin Phillips, has a history of being way ahead of the curve. As a young man working for Richard Nixon, he wrote THE EMERGING REPUBLICAN MAJORITY, a book that uncannily predicted how the GOP would regain power in Washington. Kevin Phillips saw our current crisis coming a long time ago. And in one book of historical insight after another, laid out the clues he was tracking. As recently as last spring in the AMERICAN PROSPECT magazine, Phillips wrote that what he thought was about to happen would be "unusual and potentially tragic."

In the preface of his book, he has written that these things usually come to fruition in August and September. And sure enough, here we are coping in September with the effects of bad money.

Succeeding in Business
As Joshua Green says in The Washington Monthly, in a must-read article written just before the administration suddenly became such an exponent of corporate ethics: ”The ‘new tone’ that George W. Bush brought to Washington isn’t one of integrity, but of permissiveness. . . . In this administration, enriching oneself while one’s business goes bust isn’t necessarily frowned upon.”

writing instruments
Image by Passetti
Even though she was ill, Peaches was one of the undisputed highlights of the festival. A new outfit every other song and a whole bunch of crazy instruments, including laser organs and a dildo theremin. Towards the end she decided to walk over our hands.

Taken at State X New Forms Festival in het Paard van Troje in Den Haag.
The organisation had Aphex Twin, Motorpsycho and Sun ))) in the past but the program of SXNF was always a bit chaotic. Not this year. Which made it one of the stronger episodes of the festival for new music.
For KindaMuzik I wrote reports for both friday and saturday.

Q&A: How much would a computer with the following specs cost?

led pen
by golo

Question by VgWizard14: How much would a computer with the following specs cost?
amd athlon 64 socket 939 w/ up to 2000 fsb
ecs rs480-m socket 939 motherboard
ati 128mb video card w/tv out
10/100 ethernet lan
1gb stick of ddr400 dual pc3200 upgradable to 2gb
dual layer 16x dvd burner – burns just about every format there is.
160gb 7200rpm hard drive
zalmon heatsink w/blue led light fan, adjustable fan speed
blue led case fan
blue led cathode light, sound operated
graphire tablet by wacom stylis pen and wireless mouse included
black atx case w/ see through plastic side window.

I copy/pasted from a potential seller, so yeah. Anything look fishy right off?
Rayford P, I would gladly PM you about it, but you do not accept PM’s. Such a pity 😛

Best answer:

Answer by moneyman$$
according to this description you gave, its most likely an alien ware component software, found in most microsoft computers so price would range from 10,000-15,000

What do you think? Answer below!