how do you make metal look like metal with pen ank ink?

Question by Logan73: how do you make metal look like metal with pen ank ink?
I was. thinking about drawing iron man but idk how to make it look like metal with pen and ink. I can’t find anyhing about it on google. if you have a picture or anything that’d be great..

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hmmmm with silver pens?

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Q&A: What pen is better for pen spinning metal comssa or rsvp mx?

Question by Johnny: What pen is better for pen spinning metal comssa or rsvp mx?
Just as I said which one is better? I want a pen that is pretty heavy and long. I have thought about getting a DR. KT but those are like 25 dollars. I am buying from So which one is better Comssa or an RSVP MX

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Answer by Hillsong United
uhhh, it matters where you live. If not in america, you might want the RSVP, cuz i dunno if they have them by your area. In the US, you definnetly want the Comssa, cuz the Dong Computer Sign pens(the pens used to make the comssa mod) are really hard to get here. RSVP MX mod is pretty easy to make, i made one, and its really good. Very nice, evenly weighted, and pretty heavy on the ends. If you want to make your own, here’s the link. Just replace the HGG grip with a pilot G2 and the Tip with a Uniball signo tip.

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whats in my bag ?
metal pen
Image by
My work bag has ben getting a little weighty of late and I decided to have a clean out and pack for work at the same time, as I did the desknotes thing already I thought what the hell, why not do a whats in my bag shot as well, they can be fun.

Mind you there isnt much really in my bag it seems but I did find the reason its so heavy, have a read of the notes and see 😉

This is after the clean out so you miss out on the various bits of paper, empty mint boxes and other stuff which floats in a bag along with a couple of mazgazines and a badly crushed biscuit (thankfully still in a plastic bag)

Memory knot
metal pen
Image by Anáryawe
For some years I wore only one kind of jewellery – a single leather/waxed chord into which I added small seemingly meaningless but to somehow important tokens I’d pick up from somewhere. Jewellery parts found from bus stops, ink pen nibs, singe beads and stones… It’d keep developing into one big messy knot of small but beautiful objects. Eventually the chord would fall apart from constant wear and I’d start building a new one, usually with my single favourite object from the previous assemblage. I’d photograph some of them but there’s not much is left of any.

This piece carries the same thought. It will, if somebody set outs to buy it some day, be supplied with a set of spare copper links that the owner can use to add her own small tokens to it.

Centrepiece is hand carved from wax and cast in bronze. It hangs from copper chain and wire links. I hung a 10 kopek coin and a sheet brass piece, both which I have picked up from the street while travelling.

I added some black patina to it, but left the piece without finish so all the mixed metal will continue developing richer colours.

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Mauchline ware snuff box
metal pen
Image by Dumfries Museum
This snuff box was made from part of the bed on which Burn’s died. It has two engraved silver plaques on the sides, with pen and ink drawings on the lid and base – a portrait oval of Burns after the original by Naysmyth on the lid, and Burns Mausoleum on the base.

This is an early rare example of a snuff box with an integral wooden hinge. It was made locally, around 1834. Extensive use of the box has required the hinge to be partially replaced, this has been done with metal as the repairer was unsure of how to replace with a wooden hinge.

lid – THE AYRSHIRE BARD / Born 25 Janry 1759 Died 22 July 1796

silver plate, front – THIS BOX / Is formed from part / of the bed in which the / Poet BURNS Died
silver plate, back – PRESENTED / by / William Irving / TO / Robert Carson / 1831

Digital Number: BHBN089n

(Copyright) We’re happy for you to share this digital image within the spirit of the Attribution licence. Please cite ‘Dumfries & Galloway Museums’ when reusing. Certain restrictions on high quality reproductions and commercial use of the original physical version apply though; if you’re unsure please email

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2011-09-01 The morning drive mix, courtesy Pandora
metal pen
Image by angwe23
The station is called "Crunch/Grind/Die?" and is seeded with thrash metal and industrial.

I wanted to write it all down because it started last night on the drive home, when I switched to this from my "Classic Rock Your World" station. Traffic made me want to go "GRRRR". The last song of that drive was Wumpscutt’s "Embryodead", so this morning seemed like a perfect continuation.

Front Line Assembly (from Hard Wired, didn’t catch the song)
Icons of Coil – "Shelter"
Imperative Reaction – "Judas"
Tactical Sekt – "Not Entertained"
Powerman 5000 – "When Worlds Collide" (this one made me giggle a little because I do actually like this song for what it is, but I don’t think the bad knows how ridiculous they are)
Marilyn Manson – "Dope Show"
Assemblage 23 – "Purgatory"

This is the kind of thing a writer does to himself when stuck in traffic with a pen and no easy to acquire paper source.

It continued for my drive home today, in a somewhat weirder fashion:
Slayer – "Haunting the Chapel"
Fluke – "Atom Bomb"
Suicide Commando – "Consume Your Vengeance"

That should tell you how confused this station can sometimes make Pandora.

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BOND in MOTION: 50 Vehicles. 50 Years
metal pen
Image by Karen Roe
50 Vehicles. 50 Years

Casino Royale – Daniel Craig

Aston Martin DBS
Taking him back to the beginning of his career, Daniel Craig’s Bond drives this beautiful Aston Martin DBS in the 2006 film Casino Royale. It may not have metal spikes or oil slicks, but this car contains more practical items.
A defibrillator and anti-poison/chemical combi pens come in very handy when Bond takes a drink which has been laced with poison. The car was also finished with a new exterior colour, graphite grey with a blue tint dubbed ‘Casino Ice’.

The World of James Bond 007 is full of action, excitement, drama and danger. The high octane, all action car and vehicle chases are at the heart of the Bond franchise.
There is unique story behind every vehicle and every death defying stunt culminates in the exhilarating screen image. From speed boats leaping roads and cars submerging to exotic locations, ranging from tropical islands to the North Pole the action never ceases. Vehicles with gadgets and armouries add to the thrills with Bond having to be ever more resourceful in his battles with the increasingly technical and sophisticated villains.
BOND in MOTION is the story of the vehicles that keep the man behind the wheel moving and how the thrill a minute chase sequences pushed man and machine to the limit.

This new exhibition to Beaulieu is the world’s largest official collection of original James Bond vehicles, on display for 2012 only, featuring 50 vehicles from the Bond films.
With fifty vehicles on display, BOND IN MOTION is the largest official collection of original Bond vehicles the world has ever seen. On display until the 6th January 2013 at the National Motor Museum, this could be your only chance to see these vehicles on display together.
2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film series and the 40th anniversary of the National Motor Museum (and the 60th anniversary of Beaulieu opening its doors to the public) and what better way to celebrate than with the biggest exhibition of James Bond vehicles ever staged?
Cars used in films starring Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig all feature in the exhibition.

Maped Classic 1-Hole Metal Pencil Sharpeners, Grey, 2-Pack (006602)

Maped Classic 1-Hole Metal Pencil Sharpeners, Grey, 2-Pack (006602)

  • Compact metal pencil sharpener fits easily into pencil cases
  • Long pencil gliding slot prevents wedging
  • Cutout makes it easy to remove broken tips
  • Contoured grip
  • 2 sharpeners per pack
  • 2-pack

The Maped Classic 1-Hole Metal Pencil Sharpener is a handheld manual sharpener with a metal blade that is attached inside for greater precision. With a long pencil guiding slot, this sharpener prevents wedging and produces a sharp, clean pencil tip. The cutout feature makes it easy to remove broken tips and the contoured grip makes it comfortable and simple to hold. With a variety of stylish and functional products for home, school, studio and office use, Maped continues to reinvent ways to let you express yourself freely! For over 60 years Maped has been creating innovative, high-quality products and renewing the often traditional school and office accessories markets with an assortment of ergonomic and eye-catching products tailored to the needs of the consumer. Maped is an expert in providing attractive and functional school and office products to over 125 countries all over the world!

Price: $ 1.00

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  • Skinny pen
  • High Quality Metal Barrel
  • Classic Design Ballpoint Pen
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This product was created with superior quality materials. Its slim and metal design is perfect for writing and or signing documents. Its design is perfect for Office or Professional meetings, perfectly suitable for professionals and executives. Its elegant design is perfect as a gift or as an office product. It is a high quality ballpoint pen and also has a metal lapel that easily can be easily clipped.

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