Making little lambs large:

Making little lambs large:
4-H siblings ready for fair “Hey Cooper, are you ready to shear?” Paul Johnson walks over to his 12-year-old son, looking at the boy’s market wether sheep – washed and ready for shearing.
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A New, Old-Fashioned Spin on Social Media
Postcrossing, a website that lets users meet strangers around the world through postcards, has forged friendships — and has even made a marriage happen.
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Thomas makes grade at K-State
IRVING, Texas — Daniel Thomas says he could write a book, which is the most ironic part of the story. Thomas never cared much for the books. That was the whole problem, the reason Thomas’ college football career became such an odyssey. read more
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i just swallowed a little hello kitty cat off a pen (plastic?

Question by bella-fiffer: i just swallowed a little hello kitty cat off a pen (plastic?
k well it’s not to big about the size of a small thumb but that fat
i’m not going to die or anyhting am i
and when i say small thumb i mean small thumb (not baby size or toddler)

Best answer:

Answer by smelliejanellie
haha, reminds me of this one time when i accidentally snorted a really big pom pom. no you are not going to die, lol. just call your pediatrician, she’ll probably just tell you to call her back, when you know, it comes back out….

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Xonex Little Apple Desk Pen, Black Ballpoint, 1 count, 3.5 x 2 x 2 Inches with Gift Box, Red/Green (10010)

Xonex Little Apple Desk Pen, Black Ballpoint, 1 count, 3.5 x 2 x 2 Inches with Gift Box, Red/Green (10010)

  • Take a bite out of our desk pen
  • Perfect teacher gift
  • Gift boxed

Glossy red magnetic base holds a mini apple green pen, black ballpoint, Parker style refill

List Price: $ 18.00

Price: $ 11.22

Sheaffer Brown Desk Fountain Pen & Socket Set
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Q&A: What are the little square boxes on Japanese envelopes/stationery?

Question by Vivi: What are the little square boxes on Japanese envelopes/stationery?
I just recently bought some stationery from online and there’s little square boxes on them. There’s like 7 tiny little boxes and I was wondering if maybe they are used for postal codes or an address or something?

I can’t really find any examples so here’s a link to one of the letter sets I bought…


Best answer:

Answer by Takanori Kawai
They are postal code in Japan.

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Copy, computer services, private mail boxes, unusual gift items all available at Little Elm’s Zip it

Copy, computer services, private mail boxes, unusual gift items all available at Little Elm’s Zip it
Zip it Postal Center owner Sandi Sabonis likes to describe her business as, “the place you can go to ship but stay to shop.” It’s an apt description of the business in the Eldorado Crossing Shopping Center in Little Elm next to Lowe’s Hardware Store.
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As Rangel Stands Silently, Censure Vote Rings Loudly
Despite an impassioned plea for mercy from Representative Charles B. Rangel, the House voted 333-79 to censure him for ethics violations.
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Yoga teachers exposed!
Private critiques of job applicants were publicly shared — should the studio apologize?

where can i get a little mug to put my pens/pencils in on my desk?

Question by <:))))> a fishy?!: where can i get a little mug to put my pens/pencils in on my desk?
and where can i get some medium sized pic frames?
rob and dudewhos son- you guys are cruel. why cant i ask a simple question?

Best answer:

Answer by Sea
Ross and TJ Maxx are good for picture frames. I use an unusual coffee mug for my pens/pencils I think I found it at a thrift store. You know the type~ a tacky home made mug, a weird touristy one would work also.

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The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars

by jon|k

The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars

Summary (Movie)

Rob and Christine have a baby boy named Robbie. At first the appliances all think that they will pay more attention to him but later get used to him. “I see a new you”. Later, the Hearing Aid, who was left in a drawer in their new house from the past owner gets out of the drawer and passes everyone who is asleep. Toaster then sees him and follows him up to the attic. Toaster gets very suspicious about him when he was talking to someone in space. The next morning Toaster tells what happened last night then they all agree to stay on watch of the drawer till he comes out. Later when it’s midnight everyone falls asleep just when Hearing Aid escapes from the drawer. The “little master”, as they call him, awakes to the sound and gets out of his crib and follows Hearing Aid. The appliances awake and find Robbie going up the stairs. Lampy tries to get him down but he is dragged up the stairs and his plug slips out and falls down the stairs. when the appliances appear in the room when big beam of light appears. The appliances chase after Hearing Aid but then Robbie disappears in a bubble through space. After that they all find out that he was sent to Mars.

They get Wittgenstein the old supercomputer to help them and gives them advice. They get the microwave and cheddar cheese popcorn to help them fly, as it’s organic, a laundry basket, and the Ceiling fan. They set off in space to go to Mars and find Robbie. During their flight a pack of balloons appear who fly endlessly in space from hands who let them go. “Floating” The appliances crash on Mars and find Robbie. They meet a Christmas angel named Tinselina who was sent to mars with Viking 1. The appliances follow a group of military toasters who’d just arrived to their leader Supreme Commander who is a huge refrigerator. They then learn that they are going to blow Earth up because their old owners threw them out, and Toaster tries to talk them out of it. Inbetween the fight, Robbie is able to push a hand out of his bubble. His hand touches Supreme Commander, and the refrigerator suddenly begins to turn pink. He smiles at the child, before returning his original color. Toaster ends up between an election with Supreme Commander. “Humans”. After a while we learn that Toaster wins the election and is the new Supreme Commander. The appliances go into the freezer of Supreme Commander and find another Hearing Aid that is the brother of Hearing Aid. They have not seen each other since sixty years. When asked by Toaster why Surpreme Commander changed his mind about blowing up Earth, he says “the touch of the small boy’s hand” reminded him that not all humans are bad. They are all about to return to earth when suddenly Hearing aid’s brother forgot to deactivate the rocket. The missile counts down. Toaster jumps off with Hearing Aid’s brother and destroys the rocket. Toaster is almost left on Mars but the others come back for him. After Toaster is on board Tinselina gives up her clothes so they can have something organic to get back to earth.

They appliances happily ride back to Earth. “Home Again”. The appliances return to Earth just in time as the baby monitor that Ratso, their pet rat, had been restraining all night, finally wakes Rob and Christine up. One day when they’re taping Robbie he finds Tinselina in a garbage can and fixes her up. It is a happy ending with Robbie’s first word is “Toaster!” and Tinselina’s first time on a Christmas Tree. It is a happy ending with the appliances having a happy Christmas with the little master.

Characters introduced

Tinselina- An angel Christmas tree topper

Hearing Aid- Found in the kitchen drawer of the new house. The house was owned by Albert Einstein.


Wittgenstein- An old computer who helps the gang to get to Mars.

Ceiling Fan

Viking I- One of the satellites on Mars. Tinselina was sent with him to Mars.

Faucet and Squirt- A leaky sink and her son

Supreme Commander- A giant fridge. In reality he is Hearing Aid’s twin brother.



Balloons- Balloons that were let go from the kids on Earth. Now they float endlessly in space.


Military Toasters

Robbie- The “Little Master.”


Roger Kabler as the voice of Radio.

Rob and Chris are voiced by Chris Young and Jessica Tuck.

Eric Lloyd as the voice of Blanky.

Carol Channing as the voice of the ceiling fan.

Farrah Fawcett as the voice of Faucet.

Wayne Knight as the voice of the microwave.

Fyvush Finkel as the voice of the hearing aid.

DeForest Kelley as the voice of Viking 1.

This movie takes place after The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue, as the group already knows Wittgenstein the supercomputer, having met him in To the Rescue. They also refer to him as “our old college buddy”; Rob is in college in the other movie. Both films were produced at the same time and this one was released first.

Alan King as the voice of the Supreme Commander.

Jim Cummings provided the singing voice of the Supreme Commander.

Comparisons to Book

– In the book, only The Fan, Microwave, Hearing Aid, Toaster, Radio, and Blanky (after sneaking on the laundry basket) went to Mars. Lampy and Kirby stayed behind. In the film those same characters go along with Calculator, Lampy, and Kirby.

External links

The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars at the Internet Movie Database

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A Little More Pepper

A Little More Pepper

With the high number of individuals that are being assaulted these days we are hearing a lot about pepper spray as an alternative to carrying a weapon for self-defense. The police are using it, private citizens are using it, and whether you are a man or a woman, there are many options regarding to the types of pepper spray on the market. It may sound like this is a new thing, but pepper spray has been around for a while; it is simply getting more attention these days because assaults and attacks are on the rise.

One of the most important questions to ask yourself if you are thinking about buying pepper spray is: Where – and who – should you purchase these products from? There are so many advertisements popping up regarding buying pepper spray, it is important to know what is out there, how to use it, what forms and sizes it comes in and where you will receive well-made, legal products with accurate information regarding contents, storage, use, warranties, side-effects and more.

When looking through newspaper or magazine ads or websites, you will find ads and information that will try to rope you in with quick deals, inferior and inexpensive products and very little information other than scare tactics.

When gathering information to determine where you should buy and which products are appropriate for you and your family’s situation, it is important that you find information with photos, descriptions and other information for you to consider while making your choice. In addition, the company you buy from should have product knowledge and should be willing to stand behind what they sell. You should feel that you are able to trust the company to provide the best products and information at a good price.

In addition, the company should give some information regarding the manufacturer of the products and the manner in which each product can and should be used to protect you. For instance, pepper spray can be purchased in various size and types of containers. It can spray for a distance of a couple of feet to well over 10 feet. It can be purchased along with various accessories, such as key chains, belt clips and more. It can also be purchased hidden in a realistic looking cell phone, ballpoint pen or lipstick case that is created to fool a would-be attacker.

Pepper spray also comes in the form of foam, which will stick to the skin sort of like a thick moisturizer so that an attacker is so busy dealing with the disabling affects of the spray/foam; you have the opportunity to get away and to get help.

Before you buy pepper spray, do some research and be sure you are dealing with a reputable company that sells the best, time-tested products.

AnaLise is a professional writer and blogger. Currently AnaLise is blogging for multiple sites including,, and All three sites are dedicated to personal security and self-defense products.

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Lavender and White Little Girls Princess Dress Up Gift Basket with White Skirt, Tiara, Faux Fur Handbag, Bracelet, Pen & Crown Headbopper

Lavender and White Little Girls Princess Dress Up Gift Basket with White Skirt, Tiara, Faux Fur Handbag, Bracelet, Pen & Crown Headbopper

  • Fairy Princess Skirt
  • Lavender Beaded Bracelet with Crown Charm
  • Lavender “Princess” Handbag w/Feather Trim
  • Lavender Headbopper and Tiara
  • Feather and Crown Pen

Gift basket filled with lots of treasures. Choose from white organza ribbon skirt with matching hair scrunchie(fits 16-26″ waist) or lavender lace skirt (fits 18-25″ waist). Lavender handbag measures 6″x6″ and has feather trim and a beaded handle. White basket is skirted in organza with lavender trim and accents. Your little princess is sure to love it! Recommended for ages over 3.

List Price: $ 30.00

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5 Inch Pen Shaped Stylus for Nintendo DSi XL – Light Grey

  • Larger size (5 inch) for comfort and ease of use
  • Ball point pen shape
  • Works with DSi XL and other devices with stylus input
  • Can be attached to a lanyard or strap (not included)
  • Color: Light grey

Using a stylus for precision doesn’t have to be uncomfortable! This stylus for the DSi XL is 5 inches and shaped like a ball point pen, making it easy and comfortable to use. Intended for the DSi XL, but can also be used with other devices compatible with stylus input.

List Price: $ 9.99

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