Making little lambs large:

Making little lambs large:
4-H siblings ready for fair “Hey Cooper, are you ready to shear?” Paul Johnson walks over to his 12-year-old son, looking at the boy’s market wether sheep – washed and ready for shearing.
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A New, Old-Fashioned Spin on Social Media
Postcrossing, a website that lets users meet strangers around the world through postcards, has forged friendships — and has even made a marriage happen.
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Thomas makes grade at K-State
IRVING, Texas — Daniel Thomas says he could write a book, which is the most ironic part of the story. Thomas never cared much for the books. That was the whole problem, the reason Thomas’ college football career became such an odyssey. read more
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iScholar Big – E #2 HB Pencils with Large Erasers, Tray Pack of 72 Pencils (35372)

iScholar Big – E #2 HB Pencils with Large Erasers, Tray Pack of 72 Pencils (35372)

  • Big-E #2 pencils with larger erasers to last the life of the pencil
  • Pack of 72 pencils
  • Latex-free erasers built in
  • Made from 100 percent natural poplar wood with a smooth bright finish for ease of writing
  • PMA certified non-toxic

iScholar is a leading manufacturer of school, home and office paper supplies. iScholar Big-E Pencils come in an economical tray pack containing 72 pencils that are ideal for schoolwork or general writing. For use at home or in the classroom, iScholar pencils are a must-have item for any backpack or desk. Each pencil is made from real wood with a latex-free eraser built in for easy smudge removal. The larger erasers on these pencils are designed to last for the life of the pencil. Complete your school supply list today with these great pencils from iScholar. iScholar products offer everything you need to stay organized and make the grade. Make the most of each project with school, home and office supplies from iScholar.

List Price: $ 8.99

Price: $ 8.45

Recycled Promotional Gifts – Large Varieties of Designs Available

Recycled Promotional Gifts – Large Varieties of Designs Available

The markets across the globe are filled with recycled promotional gifts. Due to environmental concerns, more and more people are using recycled products and therefore there has been an upsurge in the demand of recycled items. Due to increased demand, there are large varieties of eco-friendly recycled promotional gifts available in the market. Go to any gifts shop and you will find many varieties of recycled products which can be used as promotional products. You have recycled paper bags, recycled pencils and  many other useful products which are manufactured with recycled materials. The large varieties of recycled promotional gifts offer an opportunity to companies to promote their products through recycled promotional gifts.

Due to the availability of many varieties of recycled products, companies are increasingly using them as promotional gifts for their customers.  At Ideasbynet, our online shop, we have around hundred varieties of recycled items which are perfect for gifting. Some of the attractive recycled promotional items available in our shop include:-

RECYCLED ECO STICK PENS– A low cost but useful promotional item! If that’s what you are looking for then pick eco stick pens for your customers. A ball pen manufactured with recycled card barrel make them more special. The pens are available in a wide range of colours and these recycled promotional stick pens are perfect for effective promotions even in a tight budget.
RECYCLED CLASSIC MUGS– Mugs are highly practical gifts. They are used in every home and office. And what could be a better idea than gifting recycled classic mugs  to your clients. The classic mugs are manufactured in acrylic and go a long way in keeping the environment clean. The eco-friendly recycled mugs are beautifully designed and are sure to appeal to your clients,
RECYCLED SPIRAL BOUND ECO NOTE PADS– A perfect gift for everyone, from kids to office-goers. This eco-friendly recycled spiral bound note pads are promotional goof for getting your brands recognised in the market. These recycled note pads are manufactured from recycled paper and is highly useful.
RECYCLED MOUSE MATS- A modern-day gift. Almost every individual works on computers, either at office or at home, and will find these mouse mats very useful. These mouse mats can not only be distributed to retail clients but to corporate buyers as well. These eco-friendly recycled promotional mats are manufactured from recycled tyres.

In addition to promotional products mentioned above, there are many items like recycled coasters orrecycled paper bags  made from recycled materials which are good as business gifts. To know in detail about recycled promotional gifts and its role in promotional campaigns, please visit our online shop by clicking at

Gareth Parkin is the co-founder of Ideasbynet, the UK’s largest online source of recycled promotional gifts and other recycled promotional products and items. He has taken the UK gift market by storm by the application of modern business thinking and the latest search engine marketing techniques. For more details on recycled promotional gifts visit

Times Private Treaties Goes Retail, Creates Large Retail Portfolio

by s.yume

Times Private Treaties Goes Retail, Creates Large Retail Portfolio

Indian retail is abuzz with investments, from both local market and global players.  According to an ASSOCHAM report, investments worth Rs. 27, 550 cr are expected to be made in the Indian retail sector.  Another recent report by AT Kearney mentions that inspite of the downturn; India still heads the list for retail investment and is number two in the emerging opportunities for global retailers.

Several international companies, like Metro, Marks & Spencer, Shoprite, Lifestyle, Walmart, Carrefour and Tesco are already present or are expected to invest in India as wholesalers or franchisees or through joint ventures with Indian Retail companies.

Though the Indian retail market was pegged at US1 billion in 2008 and is expected to grow at CAGR of 40%, it also poses unique challenges to its entrants in terms of huge clutter, strong presence of unorganized players etc.

An interesting model being adopted by some of the retail companies to deal with these challenges is to enable them to build a brand differentiator through Times Private Treaties.

Times Private Treaties is an innovative investment arm of BCCL that has been investing in retail companies and aiding them in brand building strategies through advertisement in BCCL vehicles.

Few of their portfolio companies in the retail space are Abee Shope, Archies, Delta Corp, Indiabulls Retail (Piramyd Retail), Nik Nish Retail, Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd, Pampered Home (Identiti), Welspun Retail Ltd and Today’s Writing Instruments.

The retail companies associated with Times Private Treaties have witnessed brand recognition in their arenas.  For instance, Welspun Retail has today become India’s largest specialty retailer in the Home furnishing segment and is recognized as a one-stop solution offering a wide range of world-class products in Bed, Bath, Kitchen, Dining and Living furnishing segments, at extremely affordable prices.

Another investee company, Nik Nish Retail has also become a name synonymous with lifestyle giftstore chain. The company has grown ten times in last 2 years and is a clear leader in its category.

So will the challenges of the sector bring more such innovations to the forefront, is yet to be seen.

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Hong Kong Stationery Fair Yiwu merchants received a large foreign trade on hi one

Hong Kong Stationery Fair Yiwu merchants received a large foreign trade on hi one

Yesterday, just 2008 Hong Kong International Stationery And exhibition back Yiwu merchants Lu Deguang told reporters that he produced Folder Etc. Stationery Very popular in Hong Kong show, dozens of foreign Purchase Operators are interested in their products, and said orders after the show. And Lu Deguang, as more than 10 enterprises in Yiwu Stationery Hong Kong International Stationery Fair 2008, ushered in the new year on the trade a good sign. It is understood that the city of Hong Kong Stationery Fair this year’s first exhibition outside the exhibition tour, the city and outside the company, said buyers have reached a satisfactory intention to order.

2008 Hong Kong International Stationery Fair on January 7 -10, held, the show is second only to Germany Flange Kefu Office Supplies Development of professional stationery exhibition by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Messe Frankfurt (HK) Limited, was known as the international industry’s most professional and most famous one of the stationery show. Yiwu pens and other stationery industry, a place in the country, so this exhibition is also optimistic about the city business. Yiwu City Foreign Trade Bureau has six years to organize a delegation.

Yiwu International Chamber of Commerce, according to the person in charge, and other International Stationery Fair, the Hong Kong International Stationery Fair Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair, held on the same period also, which is Asia’s largest and second largest toy fair in the world, so many international buyers are attracted years. As the two coincides with the exhibition, Buyer Can buy stationery and toys in one fell swoop, for the exhibitors to create more opportunities for negotiation. It is understood that the four-day exhibition attracted 269 exhibitors from around the world business, there are 10,006 more than a thousand from more than 120 countries and regions of buyers attending the event.

Show, the city was light stationery stationery Co., Ltd., more than ten companies have got to open the first-year red big business. Among them, the Golden Eagle Crafts , Bo Cheng stationery enterprises have continuously participated in the event four or five times, they said, the show exhibits an array, including the document with other writing tools Paper products And Paper Products, office supplies, art equipment, teaching aids, and children’s stationery and school supplies, this year’s results would be worthy of exhibitors than in previous years. Yiwu Flying Pen is the first exhibition, general manager Wang told reporters yesterday’s very emotional, they produce Ball point pen Show flourished as a venue in Hong Kong. “I never expected that SME’s products actually favored by foreign buyers, customers in our booth to visit very much, we received 23 firm orders and ten, with several customers on the spot orders to us, the effect far beyond what we expected We do not want to miss this opportunity next year. “According to the majority of Yiwu Entrepreneur Revealed that the current Hong Kong Stationery Show, and the signing of multi-Yiwu business customers in Southeast Asia, and some international purchasing group. In recent years, more and more “Yiwu create” stationery through Hong Kong constantly cover world trade transit point for Southeast Asian countries.

The name of the company, who declined to say, despite the recent impact of foreign trade has been weakened by various environmental, but let him see the Hong Kong show business in 2008 bode well. He suggested, Yiwu enterprises, especially SMEs, should get out more.

Hong Kong International Stationery Fair is an international stationery exhibition this year, the city will also tour this year, International Chamber of Commerce to participate in international stationery, office supplies industry event are: International Office Products Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, Japan Tokyo International stationery, office Commodities Fair, Sao Paulo, Brazil International stationery, office supplies exhibition, Frankfurt, Shanghai and other stationery show. It is understood that the International Office Products Fair in Frankfurt, Germany is the world’s largest office products exhibition, held this month, 23 -27 days, the city will have 30 companies participating in the exhibition and be held with the same period a Christmas gift, bodily development.

It is understood that this year, the city plans to send International Chamber of Commerce will participate in nearly 40 exhibitions abroad were involved in beauty salons, stationery, office supplies, Paper products Class, Clothing Apparel , Fabric Accessories Classes, gifts, household goods, Consumption Category, Home Textiles Etc.

I am China Hardware Suppliers writer, reports some information about plastic baby bib , knit baby bib.

A display of stationery engines at Pioneer Village, in Inverell, Northern NSW Australia. Taken 29/9/07.

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Email sent through the method of 12 kinds of large files – office software, office supplies – office supplies industry

Email sent through the method of 12 kinds of large files – office software, office supplies – office supplies industry

Large files how to use Email This means sharing? Today to share with 12 kinds of sharing large files via Email ways.

1.TransferBigFiles: to provide Web-based Email sending large attachments through the service’s website, the largest single file up to 1G, you can also send five files, and can be simultaneously sent to five friends. Send a password-protected files can be set (you can set whether to display the password in the Email) and can be set to download files to your friends Email notice to you.

2.SendSpace: Email sent through a single file size is 300M, upload speed test results for the 30k / s. Download speed not tested.

3.YouSendIt: Free Email users can send a single file of size 100M, does not provide password-protected mode of transmission bandwidth of 1G, each file to download up to 100, effective 7 days after file upload. Can become a registered user to enjoy 2G files and password-protected mode of transmission services. Free and fee services are differentiated.

4.MailBigFile: can send a single file of size 100M. Test it, upload speed of about 30k / s (Shanghai Telecom), the download speed is about 20k / s. Only three days of temporary storage of files, it also provides professional account, but should be charged. More humane, but is provided MailBigFile languages including Chinese interface for users to choose.

5.DropSend: Free Email users can send a single file size is 1G, 5 times a month to send the file can be downloaded 7 times, bandwidth limitation, upload files 7 days after the failure. DropSend also provide paid services to interested friends can find out the difference between free and paid.

6.MyFreeFileHosting: Email can be sent through a single file size is 100M, upload felt a bit slow, and there were a few upload failures.

7.LeapFile: personal, business, business of three types of users, three user types to be charged, but three types of services available for free for 7 days.

8.zUpload: Email to send attachments via a single file up to 500M, but does not show progress when uploading, the file will be great when people lose patience.

9.MyOtherDrive: need to register, registration required after running Java environment is too much trouble, but its interface is very beautiful. Feel a bit slow.

10.DivShare: No registered, you can use to upload files slower, in the 10k / s is about 7 days after file upload failure, get a link after uploading, you can choose to be sent by Email. Registered users can save a long document.

11.MediaFire: not a single upload file size limit, and also offers unlimited storage space. Operation is very simple, you choose to upload the file number (up to 10 files can be uploaded at the same time), then you can upload files, you only can send documents via Email, you can also put the Html code file to your Blog and websites to share with your friends.

12.Box: I have been using is my very favorite a network storage services, although now for the average user has file upload size limit, but if you become a PREMIUM users (I used to invite your friends to register through PREMIUM users), then a single upload files up to 1G, and in addition to Email to share but also offers a variety of file-sharing method is very convenient and practical.

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Part one of the new “8R” series tractor at John Deere Product Intro 2009 held in Omaha, NE. The spotlight of this movie is the new ‘mobile office’ cab… with stations for labtops, office supplies, and new comfort seat, and it all moves as the driver moves and the machine bounces in the field. This is one of the new highlights of Intro this year… the new cabs. View more John Deere Video content at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Acco 2 Inch Large Binder Clips, Black, 12 Pack (A7072100B)

Acco 2 Inch Large Binder Clips, Black, 12 Pack (A7072100B)

  • Tempered steel clips hold documents firmly in place
  • Uniform non-slip grip won’t weaken over time
  • Durable electroplated finish is rust and scratch resistant
  • Springs back when removed from documents
  • 12-pack of 1 1/4 inch binder clips

Acco has every type of product you need to get the job done right! With Acco’s Business Essentials products, all of your office necessities are available in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes and materials to suit your every need! Acco Business Essentials products feature a mix and match line which specializes in helping you stay organized. Acco Binder Clips feature an efficient triangular design which provides a grip of unsurpassed strength and optimum compression, yet releases easily. This firm, uniform grip virtually eliminates slipping, even at maximum capacity. The solid hold will not weaken with time, and the tempered steel design means the clips will spring back to their original shape when removed from documents. Acco Binder Clips feature a durable, electroplated finish and nickel-plated wire arms which are rust-and scratch-resistant. Acco Binder Clips provide quality design, durable construction, and a wide range of sizes. Buy them once, use them forever!

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Coloful Diamond Pen Creative Big Crystal Ballpoint Pens Stationery Office Supply

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Q&A: If I wanted to offer my promotional pens to large hotels, who would I contact?

Question by ryanberezay: If I wanted to offer my promotional pens to large hotels, who would I contact?

Best answer:

Answer by William L
iinstead of trying purchasing, try to get a relationship going with the GM of a branch of a chain and work your way up. if you go to a private hotel, you can try for the owner, and no one else.

Add your own answer in the comments!