The Details about the Collection of the Pens

The Details about the Collection of the Pens

Pen has been out of the date in the computer era. However, the collection of pens has generated a new trend. Due to its long history, pens are regarded as the symbol of memory and culture. More and more people start to pay attention to the pens’ cultural value and show interest in the collection of them.


Take Parker pens as an example, as the world’s second oldest pen manufacturing company, its history has been over a hundred years. They contain the essence of modern and contemporary culture, which makes Parker pens extraordinarily solemn. It’s not only a writing instrument but also an inheritor witness the past hundred years.


The brand pen and golden pen have high return. For pen collection lovers, it’s better to select the brand pens and the golden pens based on the investment objective. If he only has interest in pens, he would follow his interest and ignore the brands and materials. The collection value and the investment value of the fountain pen are closely related to circulation quantity, survive quantity and the production standard. At present, lots of consumers buying the Park pen as an antique.


We appreciate the pens in four parts: the cap, the penholder, the nib and the pen pouch.


We need see clearly that whether there is damage or cracking on the cap, if the texture is matched with the pen of the line, whether distorted and so on. The appearance of the penholder should be beautiful and its hardy feeling should be comfortable. It’s necessary for pens’ collection.


To the point of the pen, firstly, you should see its water releasing level and mellow and full level; secondly, the attrition grade of the point and its gold content is also important. The higher the gold content in it and the less the attrition of it, the higher the collection value of it. Finally, examine whether the pen’s cap, penholder, nib are originals. The value of originals is the most.


In addition, we must pay attention to its famous celerity and limited edition. The value of pen used by celebrity will be increased by his/her popularity. The value of limited edition lies on its special historical meaning, as well as its limited exiting amount. For example, the Parker Company produced five hundred standard series of black Parker pens with crown sign, unique number for each series; it was full of historical value besides the limited circulation.

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Theres a pen out there that has 3 different tips. i wanna know how it works.please read the details?

Question by geoff92382: Theres a pen out there that has 3 different tips. i wanna know how it works.please read the details?
the pen looks normal. simple metal tube but at the top right near the rim there are 3 marks a pen a pencil and a floppy disk showing the different points easy right well the pen changes its tip by the way you look at it looking shright at it simply holding it up right i’m at a lose just clicking down on it changes without you doing anything .

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Answer by jlp
The way you hold the pen affects which tip comes out. The selection is made by gravity.

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