Super Charge Your Next Promotion With Promotional Plastic Pens

Super Charge Your Next Promotion With Promotional Plastic Pens

You do not need to look far to find plastic promotional pens. They are everywhere. Plastic pens are the backbone of the promotional gifts industry because they are inexpensive and offer real value for money. There are few other promotional products that are in such high demand as pens offer the user a service that they require daily: a means of writing down their thoughts, needs and wants. If you are looking for an outstanding way of promoting your business or organisation, then read on… Promotional plastic pens are here to super charge your promotion!

Let’s look at some of the reasons plastic pens are so popular as business gifts.

They are inexpensive: Whether you are hoping to pay pennies per item or you want to go a bit upscale, there is a plastic pen that will be within your budget. However, it is important to consider how you wish to be viewed. If you are trying to promote health issues to men at a professional football game, you could purchase thousands of plastic mini pens printed with your message for just a few pennies each. They may not be the best quality pens but they work. This means you can reach out to thousands of people on a small budget. If, on the other hand, you are trying to promote your new company website, you may wish to choose from the thousands of reasonably priced top quality plastic promotional pens available to you. They can represent your company with style.

Many can be made to order: People have demanded it and the pen manufacturers have listened. Most good quality plastic pen manufacturers now offer at least a few styles that can be made to order, allowing people to design the look of their pens. You can choose the nib, barrel and clip colours which make your company promotion really shine. There are few other promotional products that can be made to order in your company colours with such eye-catching style.

Pens are needed daily: Given the fact that plastic pens are low cost and can be made in your company colours, there is little wonder they offer such potential for promoting your brand! Pens are required daily! You can easily hand your customers twenty and know that they will go to good use around their office. There are few products that are needed as often as pens, so ensuring your customers have a large supply printed with your details will keep your products, services and/or facilities in their minds and in their hands every day.

Pens are easy to give away: Plastic pens are easily handed out in quantity at trade shows, exhibitions, conferences and through the post. They are light weight which means they do not cost a lot to post and they are easy to carry.

Pens work well with other promotional gifts: As plastic promotional pens can be made to order, it is easy to match them to other products you use in your promotions. This goes a long way toward building your brand and making sure people know your corporate look. Pens are also great gifts when presented with writing accessories such as conference folders, pen pots, and desk tidies.

Promotional pens have the ability to give your next promotion some real energy behind it. They are often seen and used which goes a long way toward getting your message into the hands of the right people.

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Dan Toombs is the Managing Director of CompuGift Limited.

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