Small Businesses Can Benefit Greatly From Promotional Plastic Pens

Small Businesses Can Benefit Greatly From Promotional Plastic Pens

Anyone involved in the day to day running and marketing of a small business will know how expensive it can be. It is not enough to think about and understand how best to promote your business, but whether or not it is within your budget to do so. Promotional plastic pens offer you a stylish means of promoting your company without the need to break the bank. Here is why…

Pens are easily personalised: There are so many different low cost ways of making pens your own. Whether you want to copy the colours in your logo by choosing the pen’s trim colours or you want to print important information about what you do in full colour all over the barrel, it is all possible with plastic pens. Get your name into your customers’ hands!

Pens look great decorating your office, shop or restaurant: If you can find the perfect pen to represent your business look and feel, why not scatter them around. Point of sale customers will love taking the freebee pen home with them that they find presented on your counter. Restaurant customers will enjoy receiving a free pen from their waiter at the end of their meal. Pens are inexpensive so make sure your customers have easy access to them to continue promoting for you.

Pens can be given and used in quantity: You may find it silly to give your customers 25 costly mouse mats that may or may not be used. The same holds true for other popular gifts such as mugs, t-shirts and coasters etc. Plastic pens, on the other hand, can be given away in bulk to your key customers and they will get used. People always require pens so getting your printed pens into your top customers’ hands is a great step toward marketing your products, services or facilities to them on a daily basis. Who knows, some of your customers may even begin to start asking your for new pens and that cannot be a bad thing!

Repeat orders are easy and by no means time consuming: If you take a little time with the design and print information with your first order, repeat orders will be easy. You will just need to contact your supplier and ask for the same again. Most good pen suppliers will not charge repeat origination so you repeat orders will be less expensive than your first.

There are few companies that know promotional pens as well as CompuGift Limited. Their website has been the leading printed pen site in the UK for over ten years. The promotional pens website features hundreds of generic and name brand pens that can be printed with your logo and details. We offer a free sample service.

Dan Toombs is the Managing Director of CompuGift Limited.

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