Read How Using Promotional Items And Business Gifts Will Improve Your Brand Awareness

Read How Using Promotional Items And Business Gifts Will Improve Your Brand Awareness

Promotional Products are a wonderful tool that can help you to increase sales through making clients more aware of your services By handing out promotional merchandise like leather conference folders or promotional bottled water you are making sure that your business is firmly fixed in the minds of the people who receive the gifts. This short article gives you a few illustrations of how this can work for your company.

Let’s say for example that your company is in the transport arena and has a fleet of vehicles on the road. By providing your drivers with corporate clothing you not only create a professional appearance to your customers who see your drivers you are also advertising your business as well. A very good example of this in the UK would be Eddie Stobart Transport. By way of brilliant marketing they have developed a brand that supports a large collection of promotional merchandise that includes promotional pens, promotional stickers and promotional clothing.

By ensuring your personnel are suitably attired with say embroidered polo shirts or even quality, well branded printed T-shirts you are keeping your brand in front of your customers. If your clientele work in an office environment then you may well also give away a few promotional paper items such as memo holders or Sticky Notes. Promotional Pens are also highly popular in offices or warehouses.

Nevertheless it doesn’t have to be just inside the working environment where promotional gifts work. There could be several surprising opportunities if you just take a look around you. Let’s say for example that you have a stand at an exhibition at identical venu each year. Visitors going to the event are going to expect to be given the typical promotional bottled water and leather conference folders and so on but how about doing a certain amount of guerrilla marketing to liven things up. If at the conclusion of the exhibition everyone, including all of your competition retire to the same pub or restaurant then why not do a deal with the proprietor of the premises. By providing his bar staff or waiters with branded T-shirts or embroidered polo shirts you will be stealing a march on your competitors.

Promotional clothing is undoubtably one of the best cost effective and profitable ways to get your brand out and about. There are plenty of opportunities apart from the corporate clothing mentioned earlier. Let’s take promotional jackets as an example. These products do not have to be extremely pricey as they have a high perceived value and for that reason alone the grateful recipients are unlikely to discard them. Other pieces of promotional clothing such as printed baseball caps work well also.

It is essential nonetheless to understand that good quality will at all times win over quantity and by that I mean do not give away junk promotional merchandise because they will be treated like rubbish. If your budget allows you to buy 5,000 cheap and nasty printed T-shirts or 2,000 quality, well finished printed T-shirts then go for the latter each and every time. What is the point in gifting away a few thousand cheap pens as business gifts that will be used once or twice and then discarded. Instead give out 1,000 good quality metal pens that people will make use of for a long time and associate with your business.

Francis Murphy is the Managing Director of BTC Group which was established in 1977 and currently runs more than 25 Promotional Merchandise Programmes for clients that include AA,BBC, Coca Cola Enterprises ,HMV,Tesco and Nomura Bank. His 30+ years of experience in the Promotional Merchandise arena has helped him develop an organisation that has grown to become the largest privately owned company of its type in the UK.

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