Q&A: What exactly is a face highlighter?

Question by CupcakeFREAK: What exactly is a face highlighter?
Apparently the Wet n wild bronzer(coloricon or something) in reserve your cabana is more of a “highlighter” than a bronzer for really pale skin tones (like my own). what does it mean by highlighter and has anyone tried this product? thanks!!!!

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Answer by N.B
Highlighter is used to accentuate facial features. The purpose of highlighting is to call attention to a feature or features. For example, applying some highlighter on the cupids bow of your lips, can make it look fuller and stand out more. Other common uses of highlighter is at the top of the cheeks bones, on the brow bone, on the bridge of the nose, and the inner corner of the eyes:). I never tried the Wet N’ Wild one though.

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