Q&A: Transposition Help C instruments to F and B flat?

by s.yume

Question by fishinthedrums: Transposition Help C instruments to F and B flat?
I wrote a peice for a string quartet in D “all C instruments” and i need to transpose it for a brass quartet with instruments in B flat an F how do I do this
Sorry i meant B flat and F

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Answer by mamianka
Bass clef instruments do not transpose. Trumpets – re-write the parts in E. Horn in F – re-write the part in A.

Or – for ten bucks – download Finale NOTEPAD. www.makemusic.com Enter your string parts. Then add new parts fothe brass, make it a transposing score, and copy/paste the strings parts into the newly-created brass parts – the transposition gets DONE for you. You really need to learn how to use this- the time you spend up front learning, will be paid back a thousand-fold in the future!

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