Q&A: i am taking the amtrek into pen station i need to get to howard johnson hotel?

Question by Mike: i am taking the amtrek into pen station i need to get to howard johnson hotel?
I am taking the amtrek into pen station, I need to get to the howard johnson hotel near the statue of liberty. Can I get there other than a taxi????
the adress is
20 Fontage Road Newerk,NJ 07114
it said 5 miles from statue off liberty
i also did contact the concierge desk and they were not helpful they do offer shuittles but only from newerk airport and back.

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Answer by Fan-atic of NYC
Howard Johnson hotels are known to have shuttles so you may get ride there for free or discount.

Since there are couple HJ’s within miles the Statue of Liberty, you will have to tell us which one (or contact the Front Desk or their Concierge) so you do not get bus/subway directions to the wrong HJ location.

Additional: The New Jersey Transit 40 Bus heading to Jersey Gardens from Newark Penn Station stops a few blocks from “HoJo” at 20 Frontage Road. You will need to ask the driver for the Frontage Road stop near there then walk about 5 minutes to the hotel.

Adult .35 each / Children .65 each / Senior Citizens .65 each.

Photo of the hotel.

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