Q&A: How did the Space Pen Myth originate?

Question by name: How did the Space Pen Myth originate?
The myth is that the US government spent billion to fund a NASA project: the Space Pen, which can be used to write upside-down underwater and in zero gravity environments. The Soviet Union just used a pencil.

The fact is that a guy named Fischer, with the help of his private organization, funded the Space Pen and it cost about million total, not a dime of which was federally funded. Fischer offered the pen to NASA as well as the Soviet Union. They both use it.

Because of this popular myth, some people are led to believe that US taxpayer money was actually used to fund a billion pen. If people knew anything about NASA’s history, they would know that this was during the Cold War and that there’s no way NASA would spend so much on a space pen, because they had a lot on their plate at the time – the Apollo program, going to the moon, winning the Space Race. And if people knew anything about the government, they’d realize that the bureacrats would never agree to fund this.

But people are ignorant, and they’ll believe anything they hear or read. My question is, where did this myth come from?

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Answer by Bill
People hate paying taxes, so they’ll believe and perpetuate any story that justifies why taxes should be lower. Usually these tall tales involve some absurd government waste. I’m quite certain the government has never paid ,000 for a hammer, but you hear that gem all the time too.

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