Q&A: How can I remove a pen stain from a shirt effectively?

Question by lilgman424: How can I remove a pen stain from a shirt effectively?
I dried some clothes with a pen in the pockets of one of the pants, and now the whole load of colored shirts have pen stains!!! I need to know a way that i can remove the pen stains, remember i cant use bleach

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Ink stains on clothing is something most people have to deal with at one point or the other. Ink can be pretty tough to get out, but most ballpoint pen ink stains come out with lots of persistence and patience. Test on similar scraps of fabric before proceeding.


Things You’ll Need
Paper towels
Clean cloth
Hair Spray
Terry Cloth Washcloths
Rubbing Alcohol
Nail Polish Remover
Laundry Pretreatment
Liquid Bleach

1 Sponge the stain with water to remove as much ink as possible.
2 Allow the spot to dry.
3 Set the affected area face down on a clean cloth or paper towels.
4 Spray the back side of the stain with hairspray, or apply rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.
5 Blot the back side with a clean terry cloth washcloth to further remove as much ink as possible.
6 Apply laundry pretreatment.
7 Wash in warm water.
8 Air dry.

Tips & Warnings
If you’re left with only traces of a stain, consider using bleach to get it out.

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