Q&A: Energy Saving Cookout…need help?

Question by Matt B: Energy Saving Cookout…need help?
I am doing a “Blackout Cookout” event for my residence hall on campus where everyone turns off all their lights and electronics and comes out back for a cookout, and see how much energy we save with a report from the Physical Plant.
We will have food, volleyball, cornhole, ladder golf, Can Jam, and the place will be lit up by Tiki Torches.

But we have a big budget for this event and I wanted to get something to rent that could serve as an attraction.
For example, a dunk tank would be great but that is a big waste of water.
A bouncy bounce would be great but that uses a lot of energy.
However, it needs to be somewhat environmentally friendly.
We are aware that a ‘cookout’ is not exactly a sustainable activity but the focus is more on saving energy.
We have considered a filling a dunk tank with “ball-pen” balls…

So things like that. Does anybody have any ideas? Things that do not use a lot of energy or water or anything!!
10 points!!!

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Answer by Light Knight
Use some for prizes.
Have a competition for who can cook an egg fastest without using fuel. Solar power, human powered friction or whatever they can think off as long as the egg whites turn solid.

Another prize could be given for the best brownies made in a solar oven. This will take engineering to make a solar oven, attention to keep it focused and social skills to anticipate what the judges would want to have in their brownies.

A hand cranked radio or pedal powered iPod might be tempting but try to get folks to bring instruments and have a jam session.

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