Purchase Elegant Fountain Pens And Enhance Your Writing

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Purchase Elegant Fountain Pens And Enhance Your Writing

You want to gift a very special present to your friend but are unsure about what to gift? Then consider buying a luxury fountain pen for him. Read this article to find out about fountain pens and what features make them a popular choice.

Even with the availability of many different kinds of pens, there are many who still enjoy writing with fountain pens. Fountain pens are not just ordinary writing instruments; actually they are regarded as works of art. Fountain pens are meticulously crafted yet are fully functional like other pens. Fountain pens are based on the functionality of dip pens, though this functionality has changed over the years.

Writing is always smooth and easy with a fountain pen. In a fountain pen, a nib at the tip of the pen controls the ink reservoir present inside the pen. The flow of the ink is controlled by a capillary action with the help of gravity. A fountain pen has no breaks when scribbled unless the ink is almost depleted, unlike ballpoint pens. The best thing about fountain pen inks is that they complement most writing papers because they are water-based, compared to other pens that use chemical-based inks. A fountain pen includes only surfactant and dye, as part of the ingredients.

All fountain pens are refillable. However, there are some that are disposable types and these are usually of lesser quality and value. These disposable fountain pens do not possess quality that real fountain pens feature. A disposable fountain pen cannot make writing look good as a real fountain pen can. Most people keep fountain pens as part of their memorabilia. They believe by writing with them they will diminish the pen’s value. On the contrary, academicians believe that the more one uses a fountain pen, the more it becomes an important part of a person’s life.

Fountain pens are not only unique in their design but ink quality and ink flow wise as well. While purchasing a fountain pen care should be taken to select premium quality ink in order to prevent pigment particles from blocking the flow of ink. It must be kept in mind to purchase clog-free inks suitable for fountain pens.

In the early days, fountain pens had reservoirs that were filled with ink with an eyedropper. Since it was burdensome and a messy method, it led to the development of other ways to replenish the ink. Though the eyedropper method is still in use for its simple mechanism and larger volume ink transfer requirements, which compensates for its inconvenience. Today, most fountain pens come with self-fillers, wherein a pouch made of rubber contains the ink and it is released by a certain mechanism. Besides the self-fillers, other methods that have been developed are coin-filler, crescent-filler, button filler, match-filler, blow-filler and lever filler.

Today a popular filling mechanism used in fountain pens is the piston-fillers, where a knob is turned and a screw apparatus draws the piston to suck the ink in. Currently most pens use the piston filler. Top European fountain pen brands like DuPont, Faber-Castell, Caran d’Ache, Mont Blanc, Waterman, Rotring, etc. use piston fillers in their pens. With the development of the mechanisms for refilling fountain pen inks, a person can either choose for economical bottled inks or piston fillers for more convenience.

So when the need is for presenting a special gift for someone fountain pens can be a smart selection.

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