Pilot “Frixion Erasable Rollerball Pen” on JP TIME TV 日語大放送Part 4/4

JP TIME TV is a popular Japanese language show on Hong Kong’s aTV network. Hong Kong viewers can watch it on aTV World (Digital 16) and aTV HD (Digital 12). Clips can also be found on www.jptime.tv This episode… Chapter 4 – The most popular Japan product in the world. How it was born, the history of the inventor! Japanavi! Made in Japan! Pilot “Frixion Erasable Rollerball Pen” Visit the JP TIME website at www.jptime.tv (c)2005-2009 R by R Production

This 6 Dollar Montblanc Rollerball is made from a Pilot G2 and a Montblanc refill. — A Montblanc rollerball pen costs between 0 and 0. This pen writes just as good and uses the same Montblanc refill.

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