Penning Fun Not Just Words!

Penning Fun Not Just Words!

If you consider pens and pencils as mere writing instruments, you have mistaken. And, if you believe that colored pens and pencils are the only novelty writing instruments existing- there is a lot more to add to your belief. Colored quills are definitely essentials for drawing and painting. But, to add zest to your coloring world, there are plenty of innovative fun pens available. Do you wish to hang around at home and have fun? Probably it’s too sunny outside or shivering cold? If the same old games turn you off, think different. Whether you are alone or you’ve got loved ones around, mystic fun pens would surely keep you busy with wonder. The variety is unending.

Writing is no more monotony! Whether you are at home or outside, you will sure turn heads around when you’ll pull out an animal stretch pen from your pocket. Pull the neck of the pen head and watch they stretch! Squeeze the neck and keep it back. Similarly, you can pull the legs or the heads of some creepy crawly colorful pens and captivate young and old. Choose from a huge variety, lions, bears and crocodiles to name a few. Kids will love the beasts stretching out their heads while they write.

If your child insists on wearing accessories to school, give him a Bracelet Ballpoint Pen. They wind up around the wrist beautifully, when you want to write simply uncoil a little and start jotting. Bracelet ball pens are available in different colors and enchanting designs. The pen makers realize that writing with traditional pens can be sometimes uninteresting, and a change with surprise can add spice to the lives of the children and the parents. Pens too can be bejeweled. A funny monster head on the pen is quite eerie and amusing. To add up, these jelly-like monster heads flash with colorful lights. Writing is fun with these monster headed writing tools. Get assured your kids would do their homework regularly.

Vanish with a surprise! Have you seen a grumpy face recently? Ok, let’s make him mad with anger-play a prank. Well, when you try this trick on him you might have to run for your life! The trick isn’t that fatal. The pen-makers produce disappearing inks that can fool anybody under their nose. When you squirt the ink of the pen it resembles real ink. But once it dries up, it vanishes like water. Let your victim get hell-shocked with the real looking ink shot at him and then laugh at himself when the ink dries up! Disappearing ink pens are either air erasable or water erasable ink pens. These are often used for some somber reasons. Pens with vanishing ink are used on fabric during handiwork, embroidery and on shoes too. The vanishing period can be controlled from a couple of hours to about 2 days or possibly a week’s time by adjusting the ink ingredient. The disappearing time frame also depends on the color, material, humidity and temperature. Vanishing ink pens can also be used on steel, plastic & wood and for various other purposes like memo on steel, price tag on glass and cutting mark on a surface. For students this pen proves to be beneficial. Scribble hundreds of times on the same piece of paper, write or draw, save paper!

Inks of air erasable pens evaporate within a short span of time. Inks of water erasable pens do not evaporate spontaneously; water and eraser can wipe off the writing trace easily and quickly. Pens with vanishing inks have a limited storage time available. Disappearing ink pens are fun pens, which must not be used for writing checks and other legal documents.

Chuckle with pens! If there is nothing much to do around, and if people look spiritless, stir them up! Pen creators have a gimmicked backing for this noble cause. Give a joke pen to an unsuspicious victim. When he’ll remove the cap of the pen to use it, BANG! This is an exploding pen, blasts when the cap is removed. These blasting pens need plastic strip exploding caps to trigger off a terrific loud bang. These writing gags are made with an authentic appearance more so for fooling your victims. You have enough scared your surroundings! Make them laugh till they drop down now. Producers of fun pens leave no stone unturned, they can get funny limitless when it comes to offering novelty to the world. A Farting pen is the height of innovative pens. Yes, the moment you hear the word you feel the stench. Now, pens are available that give out a fart sound, when someone pulls on it. This “Pull my finger fart pen” works well for writing and also for making people laugh. But you need to have a lot of courage to play with this tricky device. Cause people around you would consider you as the culprit to make such a smelling noise. Enjoy a roar of laughter around!

Now writing secrets is easy. The makers of these enigmatic writing instruments have given a new twist to the world of innovative stationery products. It is similar to a normal pen but the words you write will continue to be invisible until you reveal them with the encased light. These invisible writing pens work on batteries. Flash a secret to your pal or, whine about whom you hate so much when the rest of them are unaware.

Flaunt your creativity not just by writing but also with colors. You have had experienced startling people with your wacky writing instruments. Plus if you have lots of free time left to spend, or if you simply want to bask around and discover the amateur artist in you, delve into colorful innovations of the 21st Century. Your eyes will gleam with awe when you will be acquainted with the variety of colorful novelty that the manufacturers have got to offer. Moreover, you are at ease since you don’t need to mess up with colors and brushes and the palette to show your artistic instincts.

No mess, only magic! Pass away your time with a Doodle Pen. This magical fun pen is ideal for kids who have a lot of spare time. For them it is a better option than watching the television. This is because; doodle pens will help revive them with the attractive colors, while the television will simply strain their health. Add water to the magic pen and doodle the way you please. Colors will appear when the water touches the mat included. Since there is no ink or paint, there’s no mess to handle. The mat enclosed can be used again and again, apt for your lovely kids.

If the surface is glossy, the decoration too has to be glossy. Paint a glass surface with Glass Paint Pens. These non-messy glass color pens are filled with transparent, high-gloss and water based liquid paint. Assorted colors are available to entice creative impulses. If you are apprehensive of giving a glass piece for painting to your child, then he has another option- he can use the same color pen to design on porcelain or metal surfaces. If you want the masterpiece to stay for a lifetime, fix the designs by heating them in the oven.

Prove your artistry and draw with details on a piece of glass. Fine Tip Glass Pens have fine tips to help you draw intricate motifs. Also, these marvelous pens have quick drying inks with bright colors. You can remove the designs with warm soapy water and make a new painting.

You want to do more than just drawing; probably you wish to play around with colors. With Blow Pens you can experiment mind-blowing effects in many ways. Aim and blow, spray a fine mist of vibrant colors. Use this Blow pen to write, draw, paint or spray around anything. Play with blow pens on greeting cards and posters, or spurt through a stencil for instance, and see the mind-boggling results for yourself.

Like the glass paint pens, magical pen producer’s offer Porcelain Paint Pens for porcelain surfaces as well. These super gloss paint pens are filled with high gloss, liquid paint with bright color assortments. However, unlike glass paints, porcelain paint pens don’t emit transparent looking colors though; porcelain paint pens too, can be used on glass and metal surfaces. Fix the artwork by heating it in the oven. The designs made with porcelain paint pens are dishwasher safe. Now no one can stop your kid from decorating all the porcelain ware in your kitchen with his creativity!

Fine tip Porcelain Pen will help you draw fine details if you want to show your hidden talent by sketching. Personalize your porcelain ware such as cups, plates and tiles with fine tip porcelain pen. You can also decorate your glassware with this brush tipped porcelain pen. To fix the color, bake the finished artwork in an oven. The ink is waterproof, so you can continue to wash your porcelain wares after the beautiful sketches.

It’s human to ask for more. So what if you want not just colors but jewel, metallic shades to paint? Pearlised Porcelain Paint Pens are filled with high gloss, liquid paint in rich jewel colors, when they dry they give a bright metallic finish. Bake the finished output in an oven to fix the designs. Use this jeweled pearl-like paint pen on porcelain, glass or metal, the metallic hue will enthrall many spectators. Since it is dishwasher safe, paint your porcelain wares at home too.

Thought candle making was that difficult? Not really with Candle Pens! Don’t get candle pieces and melt to make a lump of wax! Simply get plain candles from the store; design them the way you want with liquid wax pens. Make ornate designs from the liquid candle pens and leave them to dry. These candle pens can be used by a child of 3 years or more, young and old, available in assorted bright colors.

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