Pencils and Moleskines 04

Check out these pencil images:

Pencils and Moleskines 04

Image by Paul Worthington
Another view of one of my favorite pencils from Japan. This one’s made by the Mitsubishi Pencil Co. and it’s part of a set they launched a few years ago. The novelty here is that, besides being a great pencil, the barrels are made exclusively from wood from the oak kegs used by the Suntory distillery. That silver ring halfway up the shaft is engraved "Pure Malt". I’m showing it here on a Moleskine plain cahier and my Moleskine ruled notebook.

Pencils and Moleskines 06

Image by Paul Worthington
A much closer look at the points of the Pentel GraphGear 1000 pen and pencil set. The pencil is on the left, and the lead is currently retracted. The tiny ferrule itself is also retractable. The pencil has a very unique feature I will describe in another photo in this set. The pen and pencil are resting on a Moleskine weekly planner and my Moleskine notebook.

I Have New Pencils

Image by Doeki
7" x 5"
Ink and Pencil
Catherine L. Mommsen

New metallic Derwents. Bought at Blick Art in Philadelphia. I just love that place !! (The store and the city, both.)

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