Pen Drive – The Most Convenient Way of Transferring Data

Pen Drive – The Most Convenient Way of Transferring Data

USB Pen Drives or Pen Drives are a removable external device that is used for transferring data from one PC to another PC.

Remember the day when you had to depend on a floppy disk or CD to store data and transfer it to another PC? It was not only disadvantageous but also restricted to the presence of a floppy disk or CD driver in the PCs. The process of burning content into the CDs or copying the data unto the floppy diskettes was a pain in the neck. Then again, it was an excruciatingly time consuming process as well. Not to mention about the little storage space that was never enough for the users to copy enough data. So they had to use multiple CDs or floppy diskettes to copy a large amount of content.

Thanks to the constant innovations in the Information and Technology, the Pen drives have come as a relief for the many users and they are being used predominately for copying and transferring data.

Here are some advantages of USB Pen Drives:

They are dust-free and shock-free. So, you don`t need to worry about cleaning them once in a while. Also, you are free from the fear of shock as they are shock-free.

They weigh way too less in comparison to the other external storage media.

They transfer data from your PC pretty soon and therefore, are efficient for work.

They can store a lot of data in them and are a good alternative for data back-up for your PC.

Buying a pen drive is a big task and as a buyer, you should know a lot of things. Take a look at the following buying tips which can help you purchase a good pen drive. Here they go:

Know Your Needs: What will you use a pen drive for? If you are going to use it only for transferring a small amount of data on a regular basis, a 512 MB pen drive should do well. Pen drives are available in different storage capacities starting from as small as 32 MB to as big as 10 GB. Pen drives with high storage capacity don`t cost you astronomically; however, they can be extremely handy for backing up the huge amount of data in your PC if you consider formatting your PC. However, many people use pen drives with 1 or 2 GB storage capacity as they can store a fair amount audio files, video files and other data.

Password Protection: Adding to the convenience of pen drive users, modern pen drive manufacturers have come up with use features such as password protection. Now you can password protect some of your files and folders in your pen drives to ensure safety and security. Hence, if you think you need this feature in your pen drive, then specify your search criteria so that you will be able to buy a pen drive with this feature without having to spend some extra bucks.

Read The Reviews: The best way to find maximum information about various pen drives is to read the reviews on pen drives at different websites on the Internet. Usually, you will get a fair idea on the various features of different pen drives, their performance and prices as well. Some websites also add buyers` feedback which helps you get the right information on different pen drives.

Visit Blogs & Forums: Many people visit relevant blogs and forums to gather maximum information on different gadgets and devices prior to their purchasing. If you are interested in knowing the more about different pen drives, various tech blogs and forums can help you.

Warranty Period: Most pen drives come with at least one-year warranty. However, you should check the same while buying a pen drive.

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