OL office workplace How your enemy? – Workplace, OL office – office supplies industry

OL office workplace How your enemy? – Workplace, OL office – office supplies industry

Office with a work colleague is hard to avoid some contradictions between the occurrence of the saying goes, “see the rise of bow not see”, with the contradictions always feel uncomfortable, then how can your enemy then? Please keep in mind here the following:

1, the courage to admit their wrong if:

Not always afraid to admit their wrong thinking that people will look down upon themselves. In fact, the real ability of people the courage to admit his wrong if the.

Even if your colleagues did not way to express this meaning may make you happy to jump on the other side of the right view, you should be prepared to admit. No, this does not imply that whenever there is over-aggressive colleague you attack, you must surrender. But you should first consider that the words of the other information contained in, not the speaker. And you should strive to treat you get an objective opinion, even if such views are not objective in a particular way of expression. Moreover, there is a little secret to keep in mind: admit you are wrong, often can bring benefits to each other to shut up. This is an amazing silent classic method of manufacture.

2, the interest of others to note:

To let each other in love with you, and are willing to be your friend, the best way is to pay attention to his interest.

3, on the issue of threatening not to ignore:

Sometimes we hear someone threatening problem, “Do you think you are?” “You Can not that the high school to teach you something something?” “What you’ve never heard of no contingency plan you? “These issues and their numerous variants are simply not asked what information they have lost only to make your mind stable. Do not bring emotion to answer them?? Simply do not answer them. Simply to pretend that they simply did not forked from your mouth to colleagues, you simply return to your topic: What you feel (rather than what it is)? You plan to do? And you want to do? In this way, you do not give your colleagues the opportunity to curse you, it is possible to reduce his (her) problem on this type of threat dependence.

4, let the other know how much you need him:

This is very important, it can transfer to a large extent from each other’s enthusiasm. Of course, you really need, that is another matter. Our idea is to use such an acceptance, raise each other’s self-esteem, the other a happy, to prevent intensification of the conversation, minimize or eliminate future hostile resentment. You mentioned a couple of their work, they need your colleagues to provide advice or guidance. If you must further identify these areas, your colleagues probably will not be too opposed.

Five “no” to deal with office relationships

Work in times of difficulties, disgruntled are of no avail, to have a positive attitude, focus on good things. Know your goal in life, mission and long-term plan, a list of achievements and access to your personal interests, when you doubt, it will be used to for reference. And have a positive ideal of human husbandry, to avoid asking those “why” questions, will focus on work, learn open-minded.

One who can not pay with those simple words deep

First came to the company, can chat to communicate with colleagues, to narrow the distance between them. But there is a person, just to know you soon from them their own difficulties and resentment of a child old brain talk to you. These people at first glance is impressive, but he may also talk to anyone you do not have much in his mind the weight.

2, a movie star “who rap” is not very good friend Generally speaking, those who love non-

Flyover, will be as non-persons. Such people like to rack their brains all day to explore the privacy of others, complaining about the staff is not good, the boss having an affair and so on. Tongues of people may provoke you and friendship among colleagues, and colleagues when you really untoward, he was standing on the sidelines, watch the fun, and even applauded. May also encourage you and your boss fight. He asks you to say bad things about boss, but he tampered with these words reached the ears of their superiors, if supervisors do not see the truth behind, then you are in the company of a tough time ahead.

3 and stir up trouble with those who should not be

Some over-active, love spread rumors, create a tense atmosphere. “It has to lay off,” “so and so appreciated by their supervisors,” “this month how much money to be made,” “the company’s huge debt,” and so confused panic. If such people said these words to you, remember not believe. Of course, he splashed cold water and do not just perfunctory: “Oh. Is that true?”

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