The experienced, professional staff of Blue Streak Couriers ( understands their role as service ambassadors to your customers. For over two decades, we have specialized in developing customized courier solutions to meet a wide array of needs. We provide services for mail pickup and delivery, bank deposits, intra-office correspondence, legal documents, and medical and lab specimens, pharmaceuticals, and supplies (HIPAA). We offer standard and rush services for short and long distances at competitive rates throughout the Southeast, including Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Richmond, Savannah, Tallahassee, and Tampa. We are licensed, insured, and bonded and our service is backed by a money-back guarantee. Contact us today! 888-BLU-STRK (888-258-7875),

Chris talks about the many Banker Boxes at Metro. Store all your 2009 files and make room for 2010. Recorded on January 4, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
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