Nice “pen” photos

Some cool pen images:

Pen Y Fan

Image by Walt Jabsco
I can’t afford it very often but every now and again I will shoot a slide film and send it off to Peak Imaging just to remind myself how great Fuji Velvia really is when developed properly as slide.
This latest roll I only got back today after being in the camera since last October, I managed to finish the roll over Christmas/New Year.
This shot was one of the first on the roll and taken on our first ever trek up Pen Y Fan
Alex’s rugby team went up for some sort of team building mountain climb whilst Cath, Eleanor and myself took a more leisurely pace (well, the pace of a three year old which happened to be a lot faster than you would imagine, she loved it).
Not far from the start we came across what I’m assuming to be Welsh Mountain Ponies (if Welsh Mountain Ponies exist that is) . I don’t know how far up we got but as far as I’m concerned, it was over half way.

The quite bizarre thing about this day up a mountain was how quickly the weather did change, from bright sunshine one minute to sheets of rain the next. It’s true what they warn you about walking up mountains.
We had to eventually turn back as it was just getting wetter and wetter and Eleanor had somehow lost her enjoyment of Pen Y Fan (the rugby team were well ahead by this point).
We turned around and started our descent and I don’t think I have ever been wetter from the weather than I got that day, I worked outside for 17 years.
Cath asked me to take a turn carrying Eleanor to which I replied “But I’ve got to keep the camera dry !” so poor old Cath had to carry Eleanor all the way back.
We sat in the car eating scotch eggs waiting for Alex to come back with the car heater blowing at full blast.
We fully intend to climb Pen Y Fan again, this time in the summer and hope to see Dru somewhere along the way.

I’m quite chuffed with this shot and love the way the Velvia has treated it.

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