**New** Detectable Plastic Pen http://www.detectamet.com

**New** Detectable Plastic Pen www.detectamet.com develped by detectamet for CK Safety.. Free Advice !

www.woodturnerscatalog.com Have you ever seen a drill bit bore a 6″ deep hole through a plastic pen blank in a single pass? These drill bits do, guaranteed! Made by one of Germany’s finest drill bit manufacturers, these drills are truly the “Ferrari” of pen drill bits. The parabolic flute and 4-point cutter tip design make this bit race through all types of material including plastics with ease. Although they aren’t cheap, you’ll feel like they’re a bargain after drilling your first blank. Made of M2 HSS. Drill length- 6″ 4 point cutter tip design No breakout on entry or exit Cuts 5 times faster with less effort No burning or chip jamming Drill full length of bit in a single pass Consistent hole size Razor sharp, stay sharp longer Available at Craft Supplies USA, woodturnerscatalog.com, 1-800-551-8876 Available at Craft Supplies USA

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