Multifunction pen/pen pencil combo …. ?

Question by amyhwoods: Multifunction pen/pen pencil combo …. ?
I used to have a Zebra (it was all blue) pen that was also a mechanical pencil. It was stolen from me in my sophomore year of high school, 5 years ago. Does anyone know how I can get a hold of the company to ask them if they have any more? I REALLY loved that pen, I was VERY upset when it was taken! Also, where can I get a good pen that has a mechanical pencil included? Not a set but combined. Where I can twist the pen one way and get the pen and twist it the other way and get a pencil? I don’t really need anything else with it like a stylus or highlighter. I would prefer blue ink. I’ve looked on eBay, I’ve seen some but if I could find something a bit better it would be nice. I’m considering the Cross company’s kind, I have heard that they’re a good company. So I guess that I am asking two things – does anyone know how I can get a hold of the Zebra pen company or where to email them AND if not, which writing instrument is best? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

*BTW, I am currently stationed in Alaska with my family as my husband is in the military. So while shipping would be nice of you to consider since I have to do most purchases online, I DO have a few addresses in the lower 48 (AKA the continentals) if it would be cheaper.


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Are you referring to this?

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