M3 Metal Pen Blanks at Penn State Industries

Learn how to create one of a kind metal (M3) pen blanks on a wood lathe. Michael Kogan, one of the inventors of the blanks, will teach you how to easily cut, drill, turn, sand, finish and polish the blanks with your regular woodturning tools. The blanks are made with up to 95% of the source metal that has been atomized down to the molecular level and combined with special chemical binders to form a new composite material called M3 (short for “MacroMolecular Metal”). This space-age material is used on the skin of the Space Shuttle, the Stealth Bomber and the International Space Station. In an exclusive process, source metals are mixed to result in a unique 2 tone metallic pattern. In spite of the blank’s hardness they are very easy to drill and turn on a wood lathe. They can be intricately detailed with standard wood turning tools. Size: 3/4″ x 3/4″ x 5″, non-magnetic, will not conduct heat or electricity. Fully Guaranteed against defects, imperfections or instability when drilling or turning.

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