LED commercial lighting?? The future leader in the field of business license

LED commercial lighting?? The future leader in the field of business license

2009, LED commercial lighting fired too hot, according to many outside the traditional commercial brands scrambling to cut into the LED field, Lang Si, Lake, etc. According to traditional domestic business enterprises to follow up, the media and academia also is a business license at LED pen and ink, have favored Kerry. Why has been in a quiet state of LED lighting business will suddenly be so courteous, the companies are not familiar with LED according to the people can not help but fall into a bewildered and confused.

In fact, as early as 2004, LED according to private business enterprises have emerged, but it was mainly the production of mainly low-power light source; 2006-2007, LED business license at the exploratory phase, due to immaturity of the market and technology, very slow pace of development ; 2008 during the global financial crisis, when China lighting in most categories are playing in the cold chills when timely and national macro-policy change, promote energy conservation efforts, vigorously support the high-tech industry, LED business license as a new children are rapid growth. 2009, LED commercial market has come according to the application of the promotion period, the sense of smell is sensitive, pioneers have launched a cutting-edge enterprise, boldly launched its own LED photo products business.

LED commercial lighting so so popular, its prospects do? We analyzed the following aspects:

1, from a technical level, say: LED commercial lighting more advantages than traditional commercial lighting.

Used in traditional commercial lighting, including incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, energy saving lamps, metal halide, compared to the traditional lamps, white light LED with five major advantages: 1, energy saving, LED commercial lighting to only 1 to 10W in brightness similar to traditional photography business cases, low power consumption; 2, environmental protection, LED light source for the recyclable, and energy-saving lamps, halogen lamps and so pollute the environment containing metal elements (such as mercury), recycling become a major problem; 3, security, LED light fever is not high; 4, long life LED light failure can be theoretically reduced to 70% of the nominal life of 100,000 hours, reducing replacement frequency and other maintenance work; 5, light efficiency is good, multi-color changes, 1W of LED lamps can usually reach 90-100 lumens, equivalent to 5-6 times the normal light source efficiency.

Second, speaking from the market level: LED commercial lighting market prospects.

1, R & D costs continue to decrease.

The core technology is LED LED chip technology, with the LED chip technology patents in 2010, then gradually “unfrozen”, LED chip prices will drop significantly, LED products according to the cost of business will be significantly reduced along, this LED production manufacturers concerned, naturally a happy event, the enthusiasm of its production will be increased. LED market will be, can scale production of products to further reduce production costs, allowing popularization of LED Products are also conducive to the extensive application of LED product.

2, brand companies emerge.

According to the traditional business become a professional brand name for many years, but the LED business according to business involvement also remain in the R & D products, development of channels, brand building take time. But this is only a matter of time, as market acceptance of LED according to depth of business development, part of the rise of corporate brands is expected to do.

3, more and more popular application environment.

In fact, LED according to the concept of business has become blurred, and some products are no longer limited to high-end commercial premises, residential homes are slowly even if some applications such as downlights, spotlights and so on.

4, the channel gradually move closer to the traditional commercial license.

LED commercial lighting currently rely mainly on the promotion of the traditional business model of commercial lighting channels. Of course, the view of the LED business license from behind, more focused and designers, decoration design depth of cooperation.

By this analysis, we can see, the future will become increasingly sophisticated LED lighting business, LED products, the stability will be further improved terms for the LED industry professionals, to provide inexpensive high-quality LED lighting in the future will be to promote enterprise LED commercial license key to development. In short, a war has been inevitable, LED commercial lighting, new brands, export brand in this war will become a national tradition of leveraging a dominant force in business according to pattern.

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