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Big Z back in the ‘pen after apology to team
Big Z back in the ‘pen after apology to team
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Biodegradable pen, mechanical pencil will cost you more green
The new buzzword for back to school? Biodegradable.Paper Mate is out with a new biodegradable pen and mechanical pencil. But kids and parents will pay extra to write with a pen or pencil that will decompose in a landfill or your garden when you’re done with it: It’s .70 for the pen and .70 for the mechanical pencil.Paper Mate expects the pen to rank among its top 10 back-to-school products …
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A pen pal
‘The pen is mightier than the sword” is the kind of cliché an egghead likes to say when there aren’t any swords around. Until now, that is. The Uzi Tactical Defender Pen from CampCo combines state-of- the-art writing technology with a razor-sharp stabbing crown that not only sends would-be…
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