Korean media falsely accused: Korean hackers base in China – North Korean hackers, server – office supplies industry

Korean media falsely accused: Korean hackers base in China – North Korean hackers, server – office supplies industry

Last week, unidentified hackers attacked the 26 South Korean government websites. South Korea then to target North Korea. South Korea’s “Central Daily” published an article on 13 more, point name is located in Dandong, “Xinghai Hotels “” In the Dandong border economic Cooperation Area four-star hotel (in the associated hotels) across a new Office Building “and” North Korea in Shenyang, China in joint venture with a four-star hotel myohyang-san “is the Korean network warfare base. But the three so-called” base “in an address and description of the text does not match, a building not mentioned in the article, the reporter had not found information on the Third Department.

2004 base on the completion of network warfare?

“Central Daily News” in an article entitled “North Korea since 2004, hackers had set up base in Dandong, China,” the article said, Xinghai Hotel is located in the border city of Dandong River Street, a total of 4 layers, “local people introduction, the hotel began as a Korean-run, and changed to the Chinese business. to the hotel among the Korean people the most. hotel one floor of the hotel, 2 floors of the Korean residents in private dwellings, there are 4 layers 115? size of the security room. This is the North Korea since 2004 officially opened the network war base. ”

Reported Xinghai hotel opened in 2002, computer equipment installed in 2003, the official carrier in mid-2004 positions. More than 10 North Koreans resident in the 4th floor office, computer equipment and fiber optic cable network linking operations. “Hotel is very strange that when using broadband, only a dozen of devices connected to the cable, this should start to communicate directly with North Korea’s band.” Reported that the use of equipment in the office, more than 10 Samsung desktops, Samsung CRT displays, LCD displays, there is for a large number of Print Large-scale network Printer . Equipment and manpower are all within 24 hours operation and maintenance.

“Feel ridiculous and angry”

Xinghai Hotel duty manager, Mr. Shen 13, said first reaction after hearing the ridiculous, the second reaction is very angry. He said, “I can officially stand here, this is completely nonsense.” Learned, Xinghai Hotel is the state-owned enterprises under the Customs.

‘s Survey found that the hotel has six layers: one is the restaurant; the second floor is a restaurant and conference rooms; three of 11 rooms plus a storage room; the fourth floor, which reports a “safe room 115 square meters “are the same size with 12 rooms, opened a three attendants to reporters to see the room is about 10?; five-story office of the staff; six very small, placed in these facilities.

Xinghai, said Minister of hotel rooms, the hotel was designed in 2002, built in 2003, drawing on a room clearly marked and never had any security room. The report said the security room, a dozen computers. Hotel party said that since the Home Appliances Brain or single-core, fast out, and a total of only two.

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