Korean Dong-A Pop Corn Puffy Paint Pen (Purple)

A few nice pen images I found:

Korean Dong-A Pop Corn Puffy Paint Pen (Purple)
Image by ♥ Rainbowcatz ♥
Create pop corn texture in just a few minute!!! Very easy to use. Great for craft, card making, collage or any other projects that you can think of.

Pen-y-bont HST
Image by JohnGreyTurner
UID HST set heads for Cardiff (and beyond) at Bridgend 6 Jul 1983

My Life Open.JPG
Image by Bright Meadow
Shot of why ‘My Life’ is so perfect – the spine is loose enough that it lies open flat, which is essential for writing.

You can also see my shocking handwriting (more or less).

And yes, that is a cheap and tacky biro I picked up in a dollar store in Brampton, but it does write nicely and, unfortunately, the one draw back of My Life is that the paper is too thin to take ink from a pretty pen

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