Introduction of a New Product – Post-it Index Pen

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by kbaird

Introduction of a New Product – Post-it Index Pen

As we all know Promotional itemsare a great way to get your name out amongst your competitors and make people more aware of your products and services.  Promotional products have been used for decades now to drum up business and create network links between existing and potential customers.  Most people opt for the normal -  printed stickers, balloons, bug eyed rascals, post it notes, pens and keyrings.  How about trying something different?  It’s always good to stick with something that you know works – so staying with promotional pens would be a good option.  But look for something that is a bit different to present to your customers with.  Really make them stand up and take notice. 


INTRODUCING…the Post-it Index Pen. The perfect pen to wow your customers with.  The added bonus with this pen is that it is dual action.  Not only do you get a handy smooth flowing ballpoint you also get a 50 tab Post-it Index in the barrel and a fantastic advertising area!  3 gifts for the price of 1. The handy tabs can be used to book mark important pages in brochures, books or on documents.  They can also be used to highlight important points of consideration. This promotional item will be used for years to come and will always been known as that handy giveaway gift from your company!  It will be the talking point of many conversations!



we provide swift delivery dates, free artwork and design and guaranteed lowest prices.  We have been in the business for over 15 years so we know the market trends.  We are always at hand to advise on all the different promotional products and the best ways to fully expose your brand name and logo.  If you are interested in the Post-It Index pen being part of your next marketing campaign do not hesitate to call our friendly team to get the ball rolling.  We understand that the customer is king and we want to exceed your every expectation.

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