HTML5 Recipes: Paths

HTML5 Recipes: Paths
In this recipe, we shall look at how to draw different shapes using the Canvas API. The Canvas API gives us several methods via which we can draw a path. Think of the path as something of an outline for…
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Barman eaten by lions after party
‘DRUNK’ food and drinks manager at wildlife resort was lions’ mane course
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Depleted West Brom make Blackpool work for victory
digg_url = ‘’; digg_title = ‘Depleted West Brom make Blackpool work for victory’; digg_bodytext = “Blackpool struggled to the three points against nine-man West Brom in an entertaining 2-1 win at Bloomfield Road.\r\n”; digg_skin = ‘standard’; Blackpool West Bromwich Albion Blackpool …

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