Hows Tricks?

A few nice stationery images I found:

Hows Tricks?
Image by ArtByChrysti
You have permission to use these textures freely when you incorporate them into your non-profit artwork, please be sure to follow the terms below:

– Image must be altered/incorporated into your artwork in some way.

– Please credit/link to me when using my textures.

Copy & paste this code for an easy credit:
<b>FREE Textures </b>provided by: <a href="">Chrysti </a>

– If you wish to sell your images using these, please contact me for written permission first: note I will ask to see the finished work, and your use (print, article, etc) before granting permission.

Under NO circumstances may these textures be used for:

– CD collections that you sell, website stock that you offer, collage sheets or any other collection whether for profit, or not.

– Website backgrounds, sold, offered or used as an individual image. Link to my set if you wish to share these with others 🙂

One last important note:

Only the images in my photostream with the terms of use clearly stated, and a CC license applied to them, are offered for your use. All other photos and artwork are off-limits for any downloading. I retain all copyrights to my work. Thanks!

If you use these, I’d love to see how! Feel free to leave a SMALL sized photo with it in my comments so I can visit easily!

Hope they inspire you & happy creating!

Thank You. Have a question? Just ask!

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