How to replace or insert ink in a fountain pen

A quick instructional video showing how to replace or insert in cartridges in a fountain pen. This video shows pens specific to those sold at however this tutorial video will apply to man different types of fountain pens, calligraphy pens and other fine writing instruments. I hope that you enjoy this video, and if you have any questions at all, please post a comment or contact me through http .

Video preview of the 11/19/2006 Inventors Alliance (Bay Area Chapter) meeting featuring special guest speaker Colin Roche, CEO of Pacific Writing Instruments and successful inventor of the PenAgain™. In this video, Colin shows how he achieved his invention success and reveals what it takes for you to do the same. “The addition of Wal-Mart and Office Depot is a tremendous leap for our PenAgain™ product line,” said Roche, 34, a Palo Alto native and San Mateo resident. “We are finally being given the chance to prove the value of offering a truly ergonomic pen to the consumers on a massive scale. It makes it much more accessible for our growing customer base.” PenAgain™ Full length video (Running time 2 hrs 21 min), along with many other great video selections are available for download at If you are interested in learning more about inventing and how to bring your ideas to market, please visit our website at: ************************************** About The Inventors Alliance The Inventors Alliance was formed in 1993 to educate and support independent inventors, product developers and innovative companies through our educational and networking resources and opportunities. We educate our members about all aspects of the invention process including Marketing, Manufacturing, Venturing (starting your own company), Licensing (selling your ideas for a royalty), Prototyping, Intellectual Property, and Sales
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