How to get Highlighter out of Leather sofa?

Question by 3rdeyevision: How to get Highlighter out of Leather sofa?
My sister drew all over the creammy, italian leather sofa with a pink highlighter. And we’ve tried baking soda, magic eraser, and water and soap.

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Answer by annieR
You have redyed the leather and this will probably not ‘clean’ out. The baking soda and magic eraser may have damaged the finish on the leather and if this has not removed the dye then nothing you can do will remove it.
The best thing would be to call a qualified leather technician who will be able to deal with this problem with professional products. Any further scrubbing or use of solvent products will only make the matter worse and more expensive to fix.
DO NOT use hairspray, WD40, solvents, magic erasers, alcohol, etc. as these will only do more damage.

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