How to Draw the Hand (Peace Sign) Step by Step- Pencil Drawing

Link- This is the second in a series of twenty videos, that will show you how to draw the hand in various poses. This video will specifically focus on the peace sign hand gesture. I broke the process down in to simple steps and I went the “extra mile” to make sure that EVERYONE could do it, even if you havent had much experience with art. The link in the videos description will take you to a web page with step by step instructions and a PDF Book that you could download and print for free….. Lets get ready to draw As a general recommendation, pause the video at the end of each step and look at the reference image often. Step 1: Draw the two fingertip shapes. Notice that the fingertip on the left is at a different angle than the fingertip on the right. Step 2: Add the next two shapes. Notice that they are slightly longer than the fingertip shapes. Step 3: Draw the trapezoid shape in addition to the two shapes that complete the fingers. Notice that the bottoms of the fingers are slightly longer than the mid sections of the fingers. Step 4: Step four is a tricky step! Be sure to spend some extra observation time. Notice that the thumb overlaps the trapezoid shape. Also notice that the thumb in this position, resembles a flying saucer tilting to the side…..YES…a flying saucer with a thumbnail in it. Step 5: Draw the traingle shape. Notice that it is directly below the V shape from the two fingers. Also notice the tiny shape that I made tp the right side of

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